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Fahrenheit Firetruck (Milan Records 1991)

   Serial arsonist acts being investigates as the trails leads to something gone wrong as the Chicago Fire Department involving on this thrill-drama story within Backdraft movie as the two figurative main characters of Lt. Stephen “Bull” McCaffrey the elder, more experience and the over-shadowed entire life’s Brian by his brother as the witnessing of their dad’s death doing the firefighter duty with Axe Adcox the longest serving man on Engine 17 is like their uncle as their father’s friend and Helen – Stephen’s estranged wife and his son Sean as Stephen unorthodox methods as disregarded of safety procedures concerning them and the marriage had separated. Investigating arson cases in town with suspicious and veteran firefighter experience; Captain Donald “Shadow” Rimgale for the recent fires finding resemblance to the committed pyromaniac Ronald Bartel as Brian assigned as Rimgale assistant and learning the manipulation obsession of annual parole application of Bartel rejected as the mysterious arsonist cases continues with Engine 17 high-rise urges and Stephen’s wrong decision to burst inside without waiting for more back-up leads to the burn beyond recognition of their member Tim as the results of a reckless tactics. Interrupting a masked man on his plan to set a place on fire in the city council alderman Swayzak’s house; Rimgale and Brian fighting back and let the intruder being burnt on his back by electrical socket as Rimgale being injured by the explosion but keep reminding Brian about not letting Backdraft fires raging out control.
   Listen to the great tracks of the score sounds there over the original motion picture soundtrack composing by Hans Zimmer with Bruce Hornsby and The Range on The Show Must Go On as well as the performing of the city grooves music beats via Set Me In Motion, Fighting 17th, 335, Burn It All or You Go We Go crossing the suspects candidate goes from Stephen to Adcox as the alarm sets and Brian told Stephen about the possibility and then, inside the burning chemical plant building – Stephen confronts Adcox under his admitting for set those fires to kill Swayzak associates benefiting because he made a budget cuts on fire department as many rank and files of firemen endangered their jobs, safety and lives. Explosion destroying the place as Stephen grabs Adcox on the catwalk but fails to safe him as Stephen also badly injured and dies on his way to the hospital ambulance. 

Their funeral ends the silence as Rimgale and Brian with the help of the police bursts in Swayzak press-conference as they questioning the fake manpower and death of several firemen with filing proof and effectively, downsizing Swayzak mayoral ambition.