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Enough 07:30 (International Anthem 2017)

   So liberates your improvised music over Jazz Avant-Garde Psychedelic beats and high-techniques with a try-out being spectators listening onto Camae Ayewa (voice), Keir Neuringer (alto-saxophone), Aquilles Navarro (trumpet), Luke Stewart on double bass and Tcheser Holmes behind the drum-sets with words written by Camae as being composed or enough more composing by the co-working between Keir and Navarro or the entire whole crew with searing poetic narrations or jamming goodies of longer improvises session in saving these four tracks inked being to be released as self-titled works from Irreversible Entanglements as Chicago – Illinois shout out about promise land while holding souls against the threatening future past paintings through colors and tunes just attached altogether as Fireworks for Chicago to Texas and other Projects to be heard while playing neatly not by cowboys but mixed race musicians as usual for the millions.