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Empty Forest (Pale Blue 2012)

   Diego Stocco composing his works for the sci-fi horror traveling story of Chris, girlfriend Natalie and mutual friend Amanda across Europe and stop in Kiev visiting Paul (Chris’ brother) whom suggesting extreme tour to an abandoned town next to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with potential dangers with guide tour Yuri also joined by backpackers Zoe and Michael as they driving through the wilderness then arrives at the exclusive zone, refusing to enter by Ukrainian military but taken an secret short-cut to checking how mutated fishes living in the river also can go landed as fearing of radiation poisoning struck them, going to old buildings closer to the disaster power plant on Chernobyl Diaries film.
   Instrumental tracks like Abandoned Town, Hunt, Bait, Arena and Encounter to thus Pop-tinged radio and background songs like Alright (Supergrass), Vika’s Magic, Balalaika Virgin (Brad Lang) and No Reflection by Marilyn Manson stopping them from leaving the place as their car-wires being chewed/destroyed mysteriously as Yuri and Chris being attacked while investigating strange sounds inside the old ruins; locked car rabid dog’s attack at night, the hiked Paul, Amanda and Michael goes looking for missing Yuri finding his mutilated body nearby the cafetaria as being chased by humanoid creature picture on Natalie’s camera showing them as the hikes experienced with dog chasing at night and mutant fish attacks only resulting the three to go back and finding that Chris and Natalie being taken by mutant creatures as the searching turned to horror as a swarmed horde mutants surrounding them to flee an underground passage the girls being drag into dark as Paul and Amanda emerging outside the extreme high radiation levels reactor but confronting local military  that shoot Paul fatally. 

Amanda being taken to a gurney by several doctors in Hazmat suits hospitalizing and help her but knowing that she knows too much about – throwing her inside the dark cell with mutant patient as the door shuts forever.