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Egoshred Neon (Mangibong Island 2014)

   Grungy and alternative rocky motions of silly crop-farmer or stupid outback peckers from Perth – Australia consisting the members of a group calling themselves Hideous Sun Demon with Coolboi Andy, Coolboi Vin, Coolboi Jake and Coolboi Balek as being ignorant tightly well-crafted their miserable mixture between Sweat LP's Garage Rock and Stoner Metal over Post-Punk tempos in rhythmic complex and non-particular favorable but hated by most of the older people plus crappy parents just like how rebellious without turning things over-distorted and chaos but fulfilling the exact points to make the listeners learning something more rather than hilarious just like deliverance twisting music on FLEX, Moan For Jesus, It’s Velcro, Bricklover, Thanks Kim and WrapAround Renaissance really comes up as psychotic as you never wanted to be only for the likes on The Jesus Lizard, The Butthole Surfers or The Damned.

Sweat LP: