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Game Rules (Crusher Records 2012)

   Gothenburg, Sweden newcomer messiah with a female fronted lady rocker is your salvation band named Hard Rock and Garage Punk group Spiders with lead vocalist and harmonica player Ann-Sophie Hoyles, guitarist John Hoyles, bassist Matteo Gambacorta and drummer Richard Harryson starting their myspace pages within only a few classic (already) materials but ready to make a party damage on Rock N' Roll dangerous course on a parade for the debut album - Flash Point as gathered around music blasts on bikers, rockers and rebels all united there on the front cover pictograph and Motorhead's heavy influences calling for mighty warriors whom craving for more rock music to liking this melodic album. Weekend Nights, Hang Man, Loss & Trouble, Fraction onto Hard To Keep True revealing how the real brave characters will keep doing their style of erupting Hard Rock mid-tempo standard impulse towards the dying world whom being enslaved by monotone commercialism and lame music today. Hail Spiders - Hail Them !!!

Flash Point: