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Don’t Fear The Reaper (MCA 1996)

   Architect Frank Bannister losing his wife Debra in a terrible car accident as him abandons his lives and profession up to the sad monumental unfinished dream-house as he has powers to see ghosts of dead people and befriending them and turning him to a tricky exorcising medium to purifying someone’s house from bad spirits with large amount of money since with his ghosts friends Stuart the nerd, Cyrus the street gangster and old gunslinger named The Judge soon found out that one of their client a healthy nut dies from heart attack while his physician wife Lucy breaks in panic but Frank investigating that the forehead numbers on Ray is similar to his wife when she was found; the foretell ability of him soon interests suspicion from police and FBI special agent Milton Dammers with another murder case of Magda Rees-Jones blaming on Bannister but it was the grim reaper who did that as Lucy also investigating and becomes a target while visiting Frank in a jail but got help from their ghost friends and the idea for a near-death experience putting Frank into hypothermia as barbiturates stop the heart to confronting the mysterious creepy grim reaper creature but Dammers kidnapping Lucy on the same time. 
The ghostly Frank found out that the grim reaper is a psychiatric hospital serial killer with his twelve victims as Johnny Bartlett accompanied by his teenage girlfriend Patricia Bradley got arrested and sentenced to death but still comes back to finishing his pride killing parade as the old Patricia still in love befriending Bartlett ghost for homicidal disguises while slaying his own mother and trying to save her lover’s whom being trapped by Frank and Lucy as they’re going to the abandoned hospital to send Bartlett’s soul to hell as Patricia and Dammers chasing them with mad gun shooting on sight among the ruins as Patricia finally kills Dammers as setting out Bartlett soul sending a flashback about how they both killing Frank’s wife years ago and giving each victims numbers on their foreheads. 
   The Frighteners movie is Peter Jackson’s works that might consuming your haunting imaginations with both comedy, sarcasm and thrills taken the spotlights as the music scoring composed by Artie Kane and written by Danny Elfman giving you their special ingredients of seminal dark horror story and romance via Poltergeists, The “Lads”, Who’s Next, Chilly or The Garden and Patty’s Place   recalls the ending tales where Frank spirits dragging Patricia’s spirits as it ripped from her body as Bartlett chasing them behind while Frank goes to heaven; the wicked couple fell onto demonic hellish by a giant worm dragging their souls but Frank was sending back to earth after meeting with his wife telling him to be happy. 
Frank and Lucy falling in love and able to see ghosts including a morose Dammers while enjoying their picnic. He Mutton Birds cranking the classic version hits from Blue Oyster Cult.