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Diving Rod Lolita (One-Handed Music 2013)

   Should it be called a murder music Electro in Hip-Hop flavored to this instrumental British plus the rest of those unfriendly beats of weirder and odd addition towards how Paul White did in his own works of musical show on disc through an EP entitled – Watch The Ants which combines the Art-Deco’s avant-garde compositions between loud jams and extra-ventures artworks there on the front cover. Within two hands or just the magical hand showing to help the audiences to go beyond within his perspective delivery unique as exotic whereabouts any likeable lyrics or melodic wordplay on grooves to psyched out washes tremble favorite selections over Minus, Seagull Conscience, Slugs Don’t Hug ft. Sean Price to Street Lights ft. Danny Brown will forcing listeners to walk the London path crossing the Thames river right Until Tomorrow Find a Way ft. Homeboy Sandman finished the case of curious progressive of experimental values in Electronic production.

Watch The Ants EP: