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Death Dealer (Independent Feature Film 2016)

   The Canadian-Argentine orchestrating composer and producer Isaiah Garcia form Toronto has being chosen to openly working for the measure thrilling adventure survivor film of the outdoors hiking exhibition for several girls whom staying in the middle of the outdoor cabin to get in touch with the wilderness as planned like their program to deliberates themselves from many kinds of problematic living thoughts and events that has been struck them before or still needs to be releasing right now led by the composed female head instructor Jean as starring by Nicole Marie Johnson, Leisha Hailey, Carrie Finklea, Sara Mornell with the main character paramedic Kat joining the expedition of women group for escaping her series of experience on being abused by her boyfriend finding the inferior among those girls whom also struggling from uncertainty of life’s background stories like a junkie goth, a self-confidence model, couple of lesbian and soldier-basic girl to find opportunity turning out to be a survival fight for being alive while the hiking plan disturbed by the not girl’s complaining and cat-fight but over some gruesome male predators or people with guns and other weapons pleasing their killer instinct by attacking as many people stumble across their path and territory just like the modern-day girl version for deliverance topic.
   Deranged hunters breaks their outbound venture before everyone really knowing each other and gaining fresh perspective on the peaceful trip worsen by the opening gunshots and rabid retard madman to deal with for the movie Quarries; Soundtrack of instrumentals or track-song like Liona Boyd’s Quarries: Main Title, The Jungle is Neutral, The Trail (ft. Vinnie Tu), Living in Time’s Change, Prey, The Killing Floor, Before The Cold and The Other Side – being released to accompanied the braver left girl alive to run and defending themselves back to the civilization away from the hell bent uncharted location through the wilderness and ravage hunters as perhaps, beautifully devastated to watch.