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Dead Civilization (Twentieth Century Fox Film 2017)

   Eleven years after the Prometheus expedition the colonization giant ship Covenant bound for its way to the destination point of predicted a habitable planet Origae-6 as since long time ago it’s been a privilege for business magnate Peter Weyland speaking  as prologue to his trusted android David that one day they will searching and observing for mankind’s creator together with David commenting about his limitless lifespan compared to Weyland. 
Alien: Covenant movie progressively, stating the plot on the journey of the cargo ship carrying two thousand colonists and 1.140 embryos in statis onboard monitored by the advance android Walter when a stellar burst strikes and killed 47 colonists as well as several crew wounded and trapped to burn inside the static capsule as Captain Branson died and replaced by Oram with the assistance of Branson’s widow Daniels with then things got confusing as a crew picking up a mysterious transmission as a human voice from somewhere nearby planet system closer than their destination which considerable by Oram perfect to divert and checking the new eminent habitable as the preparation managed with pilot Tennessee maintaining the ship’s orbit while his wife Maggie piloting the rest of the ground team researcher as they’re working hard to crossing the extreme stormy weather before landed in a smaller Earth-like surface with highest mountains and vegetation and watery landscape trying to find the signal transmission source from a higher place crossing ancient forest, field of enormous wheat grains before things started to get wrongly terrifying as one of the crew being infected after inhaling spores of a black-fungus like just like the other one inside the found – alien giant craft on a mountain-side as panic spreading with Karine (Oram’s wife) trying to help the infected crew but stuck inside the quarantine room with a pale neomorph alien suddenly, bursts out of Ledward back and starts attacking her ferociously to death within a gunshot hits the propane tanks to blown up the spacecraft killing all the crew inside but the next attack comes from Hallett’s bursting chest spawning pale neomorph with superpower and sharp teeth scattering the crew before David showed up and scares away them with a strobe-light bomb as then forcing them remaining of the crew members to following him to the temple city full of dead humanoid to avoiding the alien creatures that soon will grow in a frightened sizes. 
   Soundtrack compositions for Alien: Covenant being produced and arranged by Jed Kurzel written to thrilling you out exactly by listening onto Neutrino Blast, Incubation, A Cabin On The Lake, Planet 4/main Theme, The Med Bay, Cargo Lift, Bring It To My Turf and Survivors practically, measuring us that the terror of horrific events as the beginning flashback prequel story of this 2140 era of the alien xenomorph that soon bursting out from the chest of Captain Oram completes the cycle which David had experimented since he and Dr. Shaw crashed there with the kindness that blinds the crew on following to his wicked trap; the artificial intelligent android not only annihilated the rest of native population of the engineers planet city by dropping thousands of black-liquid bio weapon ensuing total chaos and death of the infection as he tries to communicating with the neomorph creatures and dissection corpses as well displaying, wrote down notes and conduct more experiments to the hybrid mutations including to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw with plenty vessel ready to releasing the facehugger-spider creature like on finding hosts and incubates them with alien eggs creating perfect new life and manipulates the Covenant members to signing for help from the mothership. 
Security Sarah Rosenthal got killed and beheaded after confronting the infiltrates giant neomorph while bathing; Walter which at first admiring David for surviving the rough environment and teaching him flute later found out about the false authorization and illegal activities from David whom attacking Daniels and they’re fighting each other as the xenomorph starting to kill the remaining crew and hurting some but luckily for Daniels, Lope and Walter with Tennessee arrives and saving them after Daniels manage to kill a xenomorph climbing up the craft. 
The last chapter shown that Lope being infected and something bursts out from his chest inside the Covenant as alerting Daniels and Tennessee searching to eliminate the creature and finding it also slaying the interracial pilots couple – Ricks and Upworth in a shower before finally, being lure smartly by Daniels to the terraforming bay and using tractors – flushing it out into deep space. 
   Too late to realizing that Walter isn’t himself anymore but David in disguise; Daniels screaming from inside the sleep pod before went unconscious while David regurgitate facehugger embryos inside the cold-storage and the course to Origae-6 continues.