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Daddy Daddy (Canyon International 1989)

   Separated in between Italo Disco and Eurobeat permission projects while the founder Aldo Martinelli and collaborator Simona Zanini producing listed involving names of title-songs and recording sessions as Radiorama in their longer history and ex members such as Giuliano Crivellente, Mauro Farina’s requested helps, Antonella or Oscar to Jackie Bodimead; and triple earth cycling completed to releasing the group’s catchy cheesy but semi-legendary New Wave basic musical program for European-Pop and food for thoughts on thus scary-front covered record artwork of the mysterious girl on Four Years After as Electronic experiments or the dance-floor addiction sounds over the party-heads and night-glitters prowlers shall celebrating the last of eighty-nine era with these non-stop music from Baciami (Kiss Me), Flight of Fantasy, Body To Body, A Love Song and Macho Man releasing the high testosterone libidos not only for the teenagers but the adults as well.

Four Years After: