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Consequences Into (Syco Music/Epic 2018)

Several things looking better and better as she decided to moving on solo as an ex-members of a good newcomer of all-girl vocals band Fifth Harmony releasing the talents of Karla Camila Cabello to be later on soon known as Camila Cabello and the first effort releasing for her is this self-inflicted stories around her own personal life and more to tell via Camila which a recording that consuming the audiences loves for plenty Pop-tunes and Latin rhythm and beats but essentially, almost purely Pop basic.

Showing herself photography in front cover posing bold, hot and sweaty means that the music for the album also shall turning you on quite easily as the mixing for soft and mid-tempo beats spreading since the first catchy single blown up the radio stations and television channels as well as Billboard charts is the ultimate Havana. Following to it must be She Loves Control, Inside Out, All These Years or Never Be The Same came slower but didn’t stopping your hips shaking and your body or booty – uncontrollably, twirking …