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Conqueror Further (Sony Music Entertainment Inc. 2001)

   When Medieval times mixed with teenage flicks of the early new millennium then you got yourself A Knight’s Tale as the background story of jousting tournament after the dark ages Europe with renaissance-ism and spring to summer glory romantic adventure comedy on the leading role of William Thatcher a young squire with his friends Roland and Wet found their master Ector died and having the idea for completed one final tournament won disguising wears Ector’s armour and impersonating his charming. Inspired for winning more prizes as a fake noble; William sharing the coins to his friends whom decided to leave but being convince to stay and training him the joust while in Rouen road they meet Geoffrey Chaucer whom destitute in agreement to patent the nobility for William into Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein from Gelderland as Chaucer gambling problems is in their debt as well. Such a great story for MTV generations and beyond with his armour damage brought him to beg on Kate the female blacksmith as their team mates while William got advantages to get to the final round as his opponent Sir Thomas Colville withdraws for being injured did let William facing Count Adhemar competing for a noblewoman Jocelyn for her hearts and beauty ended up with the defeated of William on the joust tournament.
   On the next tournament both Adhemar and William signing to tilt Sir Thomas Colville whom really is royal family and king of England but as William continues the match he’s gaining respect from him. Battle of Poitiers within Adhemar absences William gains more victories as he dedicated the winning as her love for Joceyln. Many various artists filling the soundtrack with Classics songs like Takin’ Care of Business (Bachman-Turner Overdrive), David Bowie for Golden Years – single version; 2002 remastered version onto We Are The Champions from Robbie Williams & Queen or I Want to Take You Higher (Sly & The Family Stone) and more following the chapters of Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein visiting London not only for world championship but also seeing his blind poor father and discovered by Adhemar as the alerting of false identity spreading but Prince Edward emerges and dedicates his reflection as to him William showing his true attitude inspires the tradition of knighthood and honored fact that William descended an ancient royal family noble ageline fitting him to contests as Sir William stated by the prince. Injured by Adhemar on the final match as William stripped his armor in order to tied the joust in one arm in front of the attendance – finishing to knocks out Adhemar as the winner William and Jocelyn embrace the happy ending wrote down for A Knight’s Tale.