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Comrades I Am (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Pictures Inc. 2014)

   As Fernando Velazquez composing his works over the good movie title telling us about the real story not entirely, pure mythical like everyone used to know on Hercules (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with the main character of the demigod Son Of Zeus leading his mercenaries group consisting of spear-wielding Amphiaraus, knife-thrower Autolycus, feral warrior Tydeus, to the Amazon Atlanta the archer as well as storyteller Lolaus completing the legendary twelve labors as Hercules keep being haunted by the death of his family while did his adventuring missions to helping people in needs whose willing to pay for high prizes like the Macedonian northern coast saving a nephew; they’re celebrating drinking on being approached by Ergenia representing his father Lord Cotys for training his Thrace army on defending the kingdom from warlord Rhesus whom already approaching Bessi tribe to fight against Cotys/Thrace army with Hercules forcing to lead the training army into battle which luckily, won by Thrace with Rhesus confronting the frontline and captured as prisoner.
The excessive instrumental of beauty and thrilling contemporary orchestra sounds for Pirate’s Camp, Flashback, The Campfire, Athens, I Will Believe In You, Bessi’s Valley onto Centaurs or Kill Eurystheus which leads the story continues to the truth that Hercules found out from the real news while Rhesus being humiliated on the street of Thrace that it wasn’t him whose burning villages and plundering places because as he fighting the wrong side also leaves a sad story about how Ergenia’s son a successor of the throne being threatened by the Cotys themselves because she didn’t agree with aggressive expanding kingdom methods. 
   Getting paid and ready to leave but Hercules decided to stay to stop Cotys as with the loyal friend Autolycus and with Hercules super-human strength still they’re overpowered tobe captured by Sitacles and his army. Chained in front of King Eurystheus revealed to be the man behind the killing of Hercules family as he drugging him down and sending three wolves to kill his wife and son as Ergenia also being prepared to be executed and Hercules releasing himself up, saving Ergenia, kill the wolves and releasing more prisoners then impaling Eurystheus with dagger while Lolaus stabbing Sitacles as well. 
The battle breaks between Hercules and his forces against Cotys army as Hercules again using his super strength to push a giant statue of Hera to crushing the enemies ending the scene with Arius the son takes the throne with his mother Ergenia watching Hercules and his men departed …