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Clownface Cyborgs (Not On Label 2015)

   Spreading your legs and let the lust comes in between the thighs; remixes and power beats groove by the displaying synths, programming, lyrics and vocals from Vadim H as well as Ralph P. Jokerman as live machinist/live drums player may causing problems for those whom about to listening as a try-out test for this Blood, Sweat & Hate music through the album release on Bathead’s catalog taking the world to kneel down and doing a tremendous blow-job before the music of Dark-Wave Industrial Electronic takes over your conscious as thus seductive mid-tempo echoed commands as well as the comics combinations by horror and EBM elements shall hypnotizing you up.

Are you ready or not – just fasten the seat-belts as many females would undressed naked and legs spreads and pussy opens wide to the penetrating male genital conquering the environmental issues by not making babies just crazy hot love fuzz on their females within driven spleen and cum-leaks. 

Blood, Sweat & Hate: