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City Scorcher (Pop Wig Records 2017)

   Pumped up the Hardcore or Riot-grrrls phenomenon performance that not just selling their beauties and sexiness but here for these Boston, Massachusetts all female leading roles of a band truly seminal underground forcing their Thrash Metal, Deathcore and Hardcore Punk mission plans working out bursting brutal within the featuring presence of Cecelia Halle, Nate Patsfall, Rory Tito and Sophie Hendry releasing their second angst of sheer-riff-age punkish metallic in middle standard and faster tempos via Firewalker’s self-titled album.

   Beasty growler female vocalist, mid-stomping beats that charging like the essential version of girlie coverage for The Exploited in the flesh on your new millennium aging kids of suburbia and teenage themes riot madness all going on through Barking Up The Wrong Tree, Darken My Door, Don’t Cross Me, Something In The Air, Change and Loaded Dice – terribly wrongful on seeing back the past century and the next future within more mistakes already done and secretly hidden from public must be the latest bitchy products and news to have on the late night before doomsday as being rewind by the group here.