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Cherokee Eric (The Edge Recordz 1997)

   Punk-Hardcore of America been formed since the beginning of the countable eighties era which pleasure to have and performs their choices over Skater-Punk Pop which made by the consisting non-formal jumping mosher-heads and Punkrocks uniting spirits of Carl Vladez, Charlie, Jim Callahan, Joey, John Phaneuf or Tony Cortez among the existing group members from Oxnard, California within their releasing of Melodic Hardcore melted onto rocking attributes based on Punk-based attitudes and rebellion as the hammering and bleeding hands and the semi-apocalyptic measurement messages written through some socio-daily products of broken society pressures as well as more angst of the youth and the poor outsiders forging the emotional fast drumming to rhythmic bass-line and riffed six strings bursting out Bleed album the forth on Stern 4 Prez, Keep Your Head, Dead-End Street, Stuck as well as Fallen or Pist leading the aiming section of protests to the right spot !