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Chalyava (Aldamisa Entertainment 2013)

   Devil’s Pass – the sci-fi horror of found footage relate to the same place that infamous for the well-known tragic and mysteriously bizarre hiking accident of all time The Dyatlov Pass Incident as five college student gone for investigating the real happening to the 1959 missing answers of nine dead Russian expert hikers as they’re trying to get their further information of the exact points from a nervous breakdown survivor signing them from the window in Russia until the filmmakers met a local named Sergei at the bar;  turns out to be a nephew of a woman within the rescue team of that incident that found eleven bodies but two of them strangely “not looking normal”.
   As the team reaches the snowy place in the middle of nowhere, things started to get weirder and scary as finding footprints of yeti-like, frozen human tongue, creepy howling surrounds them, mysterious creatures unnoticed moving not far from their sights and dreams occurred to one of them as they’re arrived at Dyatlov Pass with malfunction equipments while two of the team with Geiger counter found a locked from the inside bunker hidden under the snow keeping it a secret. Next morning sudden avalanche kills one of them and fractures suffering other while flare shot attracting some Russian soldier patrol to shoot at them wounded J.P but three of the team members manage to entering the mysterious bunker within tunnels. 
They discovering dead bodies stack-pile, evidence of teleportation experiments and camcorder relating to Philadelphia Experiment as a scream alarming them that wounded J.P got attack by mutants that chasing after Jensen and Holly into sealed room that theorized to be a leading further onto a natural cave as wormhole as they steps into it and realizing safer point to get out the bunker before starving to death or facing the creatures. 
   The mutated body of Jensen and Holly appears back to the first accident event being dragged by soldiers to the bunker but as being meat-hooked - revives. 

Yuri Potenyenko with some musicians did providing their music for the soundtrack like Oh Boy  Les Mecs on Unrest, Mirror Talk for Down and Out onto Forrest, Ninety Nine Pounds of Dynamite or Au Au (Yuliana Yan) compositions for this real event horror film.