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Brainwash Blue (Elefant Records 2014)

   Sweet and innocent as well as catchy independent while the girls harmony vocals fits to attract anyone whom luckily enough for having them mischievously or unsuspecting rigged some 60’s guitars within the memorable similarity sounds onto Buzzcocks with a Pop-Punk primitive basic distortions but fortunately, could be a lost legends later on if they’re kept working it hard out. Consisting for Antia Figueira, Guillermo Zapata, Marta Gonzalez and Miguel Roman as quartet but cannot hiding the interference from how beautiful the girls really are feasting most of the boys listeners eyes unblinking; Wild Balbina might be younger but never turning off farther from being na├»ve either perfectionist as Indie Rock sugar musical flows in to your stereo within the releasing second album – Sisters Before Misters (which really sounded actually, smarter) ! 
   Seven daily dosage on track-titles listed there whether it’s Looking Through You, R.G.S.N to Winter Trees and Stoned Heart may visible to the audiences whom liking the band since the first chorus and next tunes and another one after that … 
A Riotgrrrl tempos and themes mixed tight but not too over-driven possessive for not giving any days a second chance to win after lose – gets up again female holding hands to each other after the fall and not trying to fell on a same hole ever again must be the recaptures passion over this tunes. 

Many pretty girls doing sinful things not waiting on being judge by men any longer freely and unnumbered …

Sisters Before Misters: