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Boulanbator Combat (Valerian S.A.S 2017)

   Within the expands of human-made advance bigger, completely better international space-station but as well being mass-threatens causing fall from orbit relocated deeper into space as Alpha a space-travel city with millions representations and both legal to illegal creatures for every parts of the galaxy over the sci-fi movie Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets; written and directed by Luc Besson telling us the story adventure of Major Valerian the happy-go-lucky special police division and Sergeant Laureline the no-nonsense female officer contacting what Valerian said as a dream about Planet Mul with lo-tech humanoids peacefully living fishing for enormous energy on pearls as replicant them with small animals but wreckage plummets from the sky one day causing apocalypse explosion but  telepathic signal was sent out by the dying princess as researching the retrieving of Mul converter creature as it eats anything and replicates them currently from the black market dealer Igon Siruss; Valerian being brushes by Laureline for asking her to marry him after all his affairs cases. Massive extra bazaar of Big Market led Valerian disrupts on meeting two hooded figures looking like the humanoid form his vision seeking converter as they’re leaving aboard the ship after stealing a pearl as well discovered the destruction of Mul being classified for decades. Frosty superior commander Arun Flitt informing the center station section already being infected by unknown force; as troops sends but not returned within the highly toxic warning and growing concerns over the threats – assigning the police couple protecting the commander on the inter-station summit discussion for crisis but hold the converter for themselves. 
   The event being attack incapacitating as Flitt kidnapped with Valerian chased them but crashing the vehicles inside the infected area; finding out that primitive imperial tribe which emigrated from Planet Goara living nearby kidnapping Laureline but with the help of infiltrates Bubble the alien shape-shifted dancer saving her quickly continuously, venture further to crack the mystery. The good various artists filling the soundtrack like Alexiane on A Million on My Soul (Radio Edit), Cara Delevingne singing I Feel Everything to David Bowie classic, Wyclef Jean/Refugee Allstars through Julien Rey, Charles Bradley and Alexandre Desplat compositions for Medusa, Pearls Power or Submarine. Antique spacecraft and unconscious Flitt held by Emperor Haban Limai explaining their background peaceful history and destruction of Mul caused by human governments and alien wars leaving a small group surviving shelter to this spaceship as Flitt admits his role to the genocide arguing about the necessity to end war; the cover-up to preventing humans being expelled. Valerian handed over the pearls and the converter too then, the pearls spacecraft take-off and departed while being attack by K-Tron soldiers as they’re defeated and Flitt arrested (and) Laureline accepting Valerian proposal.