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Bongoloid Lazy (Friends Of Friends 2013)

A foundation of Grime to Dubstep solo project for the female person figure off Sasha Perera under her role acts as a DJ and most of vocalist/songwriter/producer and mongrel Pop to Bass-Music as well as established series on experimented textures on collaborative arraying wider as shaken you wither sensual cold voice as semi-abstract bliss Pop Electronic also giving you envy glorified the essential sounds she loves and liking by her listeners via concentrated plume aural sets contemporary to Mother Perera known as Perera Elsewhere looking not too slower and exaggerated but popularly exotic in her dark-skinned presence as Everlast LP whether it’s Giddy featuring Gonjasufi, Shady featuring Springintgut; Carousel and Dimmed Down or Bizarre may leaving ears stays in a dungeon Folk-Electronic production such as Sasha’s pairs of weirdy hats and Trip-Hop tunes … 

Everlast LP: