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Behind Blue Eyes (Rovio Animation 2016)


   Taken from the same title gaming that can be describing as one of the famous worldwide game of all time – The Angry Birds Movie having its motion picture soundtrack with various artists onboard the track-listing such as Demi Lovato on I Will Survive, Blake Shelton’s Fiends, On Top of The World (Imagine Dragons) and many more from Steve Aoki to Tone-Loc to Matoma as the tales of flightless birds island native Red with his premature hatching egg’s syndrome and the rest of the birds witnessing a day where boat docks with green-colored pigs captaining by Leonard claiming for peaceful expedition exploring as offering friendships turning wickedly suspicious as more pigs arrived with Red and Chuck and Bomb seeking helps from Mighty Eagle the protector of the island with binoculars watch displaying the pigs planted explosives around the rave partying birds as the destruction devastating the village. While the pigs escaping with their precious eggs.
   The birds unites for constructing boat to sailing Piggy island as the battle begins with the birds attacking and defeated most of the pigs outposts and guarded points on firing themselves over all the obstacles and walls using the gifted giant slingshot steps by steps; Red, Chuck and Bomb finding the eggs inside the boiler on a pig castle wit Mighty Eagle finally helping carried out the eggs while Red learns to control his temper on battling Leonard as some rescued eggs hatched as three little blue birds as the pot boiler collapses as reversing explosions destroying Pigs island as Red becomes a legendary hero rebuilds their village together while King Mudbeard plan to steal back the eggs as the pigs revealed surviving the destruction doing the break dance before their new plan.