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Beach Alien (Lakeshore Records 2018)

   Psychological thriller for entering “The Shimmer” followed the lost military group traces as the mysterious quarantined zone creates a mutating landscapes and hideous creatures encounters by the cellular biology professor and US soldier Lena and her team-mates while investigating the government facility of southern coast called “Area X”. Lena’s husband a special army force Kane flashback returns back after being missing nearly a year on a mission; remembers nothing as his health deteriorating while government security intercept Lena and Kane in a hospital taken them to the secret area. 
On these present day; Dr. Ventress recruits Lena for the project as they’re venture deeper into the shimmer to reach the lighthouse reported as the beginning point spreading that massive anomaly forces as joining by physicist Josie, geomorphologist Cass, paramedic Anya with not revealing about who Kane really is to them. Entering the colorful reflected and more softer but strange to human eyes and minds environment with weird flowers, trees and animals as the giant crocodile attacks them from underwater inside the wreckage house showing how the creature being hybridized with shark teeth, the foun video of the previous team showing Kane doing a local surgery as a gory glimpse of views being seen by the second team on a enormous worm living inside one of the soldier’s stomach as they found the team-mates body being deformed on a wall inside the abandoned facility. Annihilation is your choice of good mystery movie of Sci-Fi tales turning the surroundings very wrong as Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow composing the soundtrack scores in most suspense track-listing such as for Ambulance Chase, What Do You Know?, The Swimming Pool, For Those That Follow onto Sheppard, The Body and Plant People as the more danger coming across these brave and curious women after leaving the abandoned military base; Cass being attack by a mutated bear-like skull-head creature as the evidence inside a memory card and barely recognizable mutating plants and terra-forming going on around them as Lena investigates and found Cass mutilated corpse and informing back to the others. 
   Finding more of human-shaped plants flowery and the nightmare ambush of the bear-like creature howling the voice sounded like Cass call for help shocking the team as Anya gone mad and capturing her three mates but ended up being ferociously attack to death by the bear. Ventress continues to the lighthouse alone while Josie mutated onto those human-shaped flower leaving Lena on finding the lighthouse and the proof of Kane’s death by self-suicidal phosphorus grenade blast as Lena found the hole entrance to the soul chamber of shimmer force consuming Ventress and changing onto mandelbulb nebulous structure as the absorbing of her drop of blood turning it to a shape of humanoid mirroring every Lena’s motions as transforming an identical copy of her. 
The sets of light-grenade flaming engulf the creature and the lighthouse as well as various structure on the area as it fades. 

The debriefing conclusion and the reunites with Kane tells the truth of themselves aren’t being themselves and irises shimmer eyes of them embrace …