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Basement Pirates (Jailhouse Records 2015)

   Being exact influenced by names like Alkaline Trio, Operation Ivy and Samiam before them; these Orange & Westchester County, New York Punk-Rock band The Jukebox Romantics is your newer trio to blown-up the Skater-Punk hours of extreme displaying of free-style on the four wheels grinding concrete amusing adventures as Transmissions Down album release the fear, singled-out or racism victims to get out in self-esteem around town or just jumping the stage with bassist/vocalist Bob, Norm behind the drum-set and Terry the guitarist/vocalist taking us for a ride through the roller-coaster of life, loving kindness, social values issues or hatred struggling battles via Darling Daisy, Easy Coast Communication, Disappointed, Living with Sin onto Spilling Your Intestines may sounded amazingly cool or even disgusting to ignored to forget and maliciously, must be purchased to you all – the fanatic Punk-Rock skater communion.

Transmissions Down: