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Baby Baby Nothing (Bandcamp 2017)

   Melissa Harris makes her slow walks down the isle not for getting married but on destroying the pitiful reasonable doubts in between the try-out to be not copying the facts of this front cover designs reminding some music lovers on Pop stations about the mocking version upon Lana Del Rey’s fame but six song-tracks are enough for Melissa Harris to recorded these written, arranged and performed products made well by herself via Be True as Born Days.

   The Chicago, Illinois dark-haired girl stands still making her presence being felt spreading as her Dark Electronic Pop sound shares the exact eerie touches blossoming death or despair in the truthful frontal presentation as the smiling wicked and slow-tempos remarkably, kills the happy bride and her couple as tragic thoughts theme through Set Fire or In The Sun or Analogue. 

   The dream is over on the apocalyptic ambient minimalist Drone/Dark-Wave Pop inflicts the dead within a breathe as you might imagining something dirty about her too. 

Be True: