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Attractive Flies (Blood Fire Death 2004)

   Barditus Pederatus (vocals), Boer Midgaard (guitars/5-strings banjo, lyrics), Boer Zwelg 9bass, lyrics) and Boer Svein (drums) did screaming the dark-presence of themselves when these Belgium’s Ghent/Lovendegem of East Flanders Flemish farming Black Metal absurd attacks of oily out bring their misery, mono chromatic sounds as well as thicker satanic ritualistic on anti-christianity metallic musical as bizarre themes and experimenting story lyrics on scatology, midgets, decay, peasantry to alcohol and food as the essential darkness bleeding wounds attracting more pestilence and disease curses but through this De Vette Cuecken one will recognizing how powerful crazy the Belgians gang really can be around what your psychedelic psychological interrupts of Lugubrum crew did the killing commands over the performance displaying of brutality commence on Aperitif, Poussy-CafĂ©, Dust Binst Drinken or Robust Shades of Brown as the insanity over coffee addicts and satanic measurement for boiling some of the Christ disciples they found up in lives.

De Vette Cuecken: