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At The Waterfall (Morgan Creek Records 1991)

   Beginning with the escaping of a crusader-nobleman Robin of Locksley from the Ayyubid prison as he saving as well Peter Dubois and Azeem the Moor before being tortured more and executed through the sewer and alley but Peter didn’t survived the arrow wound to sacrificing himself with promising from Robin and Azeem on protecting his sister Marian as they returning to England as Azeem own his life-debt to his savior. 
While King Richard The Lion Heart was away to his third crusades in Holy Land and France the country was then fell over the unrighteous and cruel Nottingham Sheriff as being accompanied by his cousin Guy of Gisbourne, secret dungeon old witch Mortianna and corrupted Hereford Bishop making misery and suffering upon the common people with high taxes and more torturing, killing and raiding to the countryside including at Locksley castle as Robin returns and finding his father died by the wickedness and cruelty of the Sheriff of Nottingham meeting Marian and give her the bad news about her brother but fleeing afterwards from the fight against the Sheriff’s men force – sending Robin and Azeem onto the forest where they meet the outlaws led by Little John and Will Scarlet as Robin introducing himself by a test and befriending them, teaching them the self defense and training to battles the oppressor authority as then they’re robbing soldiers and rich man’s convoys passing through the forest distributing the stolen wealth to the poor and targeting Friar Tuck’s wine drums while later would joining the band of Merry Men led by Robin of the Hood. This legendary tales about Robin Hood Prince of Thieves showing us about the true action heroic and romance of the mediaeval times where nobility still much appreciated and power of the people will arise to supporting the good guys fighting malevolent. 
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composing by Michael Kamen taking us within the adventures of the struggling and family bonds among the real knights like Robin, John, Marian and Azeem while the greater songs available here like the opener Overture and a Prisoner, Sheriff and His Witch, Abduction and The Final Battle at The Gallows, Wild Times (Jeff Lynn, Julianne Raye, Jim Kelter) or the popular single hits of them all – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Pop-Rock shot by Bryan Adams captures all the excitements of the movie; the reconciliation of him and step brother Will Scarlet, the surviving of Celtic warriors attack on the hidden village of the thieves in a greater force assaulting their successful launches of raid but fail to kill Robin Hood whom consolidating sooner to free their captured friends and ending the malediction of the Nottingham Sheriff. 
   The Execution gone wrong and explosions blasts shocking the town castle as Robin Hood and his friends coming to the rescue inciting Azeem to shout and asking many peasants to revolt with them. The infiltrating for a day of wedding and execution by the sheriff soon turns out as disadvantages for him with the fierce fight and sword cuts Robin manage to kill him as well as Azeem saving everyone from the terrible old witch while Friar Tuck throw the greedy bishop out of the castle window. 

The marriage for Robin and Marian profess in the woods interrupts by King Richard’s homecoming only giving them his blessings.