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Asthma Arrest (Self-Released 2014)

   Calling himself in presence as Frak or perhaps, regular Frakjrich as well as Frakmusic  from his hometown San Francisco delivering Bagels not only as a good traditional consumption snacks but also as the main themed on this releasing record as Bagels brought to you seminal Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Boom bap/Swagger Turn-Up Underground beats musical rooted from his liking to much Black community sounds especially, the old school ways.
   Listen to what he has to say in thus rhyming flown lyrics and daily bread messages not likely your Sunday sermon but honesty than that showing how the immense emerging force within neighborhood without race borders seems conjunctively similar by the other lines of violence and prejudice among suspicious society nowadays; needed to learn good advices and words of commoners via Hyperdrive, 14 Till’ (feat. Arian), Zoom (feat. Popkey), Date with a Feminist; Stoopid or A Letter and 3 Glasses admitted the gang-buster, cheap shot, porn-bangs, political non-solutions or out-sourcing existed focus for what matters in reality as your ears will definitely, listening the demands over a tune entitled Rappin’ Bout Rap – most clever moves so far from mixture music blends.