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Apotheosis Siren (Relativity Music Group 2011)

   The Heraklion mortal king Hyperion is on his quest to search the Epirus bow in order to releasing the Titans from their eternal imprisoned beneath Mount Tartarus as Immortals tale showing the audience about the waged war of the gods against each other and the revenge of the mortal king for his family’s death by disease capturing one of the virgin oracle Phaedra believed to have her visions finding the bow location. 
Theseus a skilled warrior trained by the mysterious old man are within most of the inhabitants of a small village preparing to flee before Hyperion army attacks the village later with the Athens army fighting Theseus while mocking him and got beaten back but then, everyone’s being slay including Aethra (Theseus mother) as he taken captive a slave. 
The old man is Zeus in disguise and at first warns his fellow gods like Athena, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo and Heracles not to interfere the battle and affairs of mortals unless the titans being released. Burying his mother inside the labyrinth and discovers the Epirus bow hidden nearby the rock but attacked by Minotaur the henchman and poisoned scratches wounded Theseus after killing the beast; saved by the virgin oracle Phaedra and fall in love to each other. 
   Being ambushed by Hyperion and witnessing Ares’ death for helping them by Zeus as a reminder warning of justify and no helps from gods proving wrong as the Epirus bow brought to Hyperion as the warns from Theseus group to King Cassander being ignored until evil Hyperion destroying indestructible gate of the mountain the following day. Immortals is your favorite epic saga movie actions and adventures as Trevor Morris composing the entire scoring music fits along the battles and the blood-shed and the intrigues as well as the romance within Poseidon’s Leap, Enter The Oracle, To Mt. Olympus, My Own Heart, Zeus’ Punishment, Ride To The Gates, In War Fathers Bury Their Sons onto Fight So our Name Survives or Battle In The Tunnel owns the perfect match as  Theseus led the Hellenic army against Hyperion whom manage to storming the mountain, kills Helios and Cassander before breach and freeing the Titans. 
Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena and Heracles came down and battling the Titans as overwhelmed outnumbers as everyone killed but Zeus and Poseidon taking Athena’s body and ascend to Olympus after collapsing Mount Tartarus on the titans and Hyperion armies as the king himself died in the hand of Theseus. 
The wounded mortal Theseus given place among gods as Phaedra given birth to their son Acamas a brave oracle whom meet the old man Zeus showing him the future vision of the filled sky with thousands gods and titans at war eternally.