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Among Ruins (Dirtnap/Black Water/Sabotage 2010)


   Completely, melodic like the early Black Flag meets Circle Jerks meet Bad Religion awesome influences made by Autistic Youth comprising for Adam Becker, Alex Tryon, Nick Vicario and Seve Sheldon releasing their newer album number three via Idle Minds as Punk-Rock and Skater-busting music emerges like a flick of fire burning the fuse for generation to change their views and society pressures on old values to be replaced before you being the victims caught in a web of ladders and wood-processing of devastation the planet turning it into hellish rock in a box.

   Whether you’re autistic or normal not dead can listening to this recording using the fast tensions and anthemic shouts as your guidance to freeing your brains out. Who’s At Fault, Blank, Can’t Turn Back, Soldiers, Disciple, Deadbeat, Find Me Here even Filled My Head – non pretentiously, showing the much we need for another wind of change to replacing a new thoughts over your old beliefs. 

Idle Minds: