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A Princess Voice (Decca Records 2017)

   Alexandre Desplat with several artists like Renee Fleming, Glenn Miller to Andy Williams to Carmen Miranda’s Chica Chica Boom Chic or Caterina Valente/Silvio Francesco’s Babalu classics themed songs taken their duty making the compositions over the soundtrack of motion picture original songs to this fantasy drama story written by Guillermo Del Toro telling us about the poor lonely lives of Elisa Esposito a mute woman found in a river with scratches wound on her neck as capable to hear but communicates using the hand-sign language living on the apartment above the cinema and working as a cleaning-girl for the secret government laboratory during the Cold War era. 
Befriending with her neighbor Giles a struggling old illustrator and strong bonds with Zelda another co-worker when one day a mysterious creature delivers to the facility from South American river known as the god by local tribe being captured by Colonel Richard Strickland whose in charge while later Elisa found about her curious for the creature to be humanoid looking with amphibian scales and sharpen claws but friendly towards good intention people. 
   General Frank Hoyt orders Strickland to vivisect the creature that already biting off fingers and being ferocious but only being gently acceptable to Elisa secret’s visiting and boiled eggs that she feeding on it. One of the scientist whom actually a double agent for the soviets Dr. Robert Hoffstetler or Dmitri Mosenkov pleads to keep the creature alive for further studies also ordered by soviets to euthanize it before the Americans taking advantages out of it for their technology advance level. As Elisa discovers the plan and Dmitri also discovers her intention to save the creature as well as Giles and Zelda cooperation helps making this romantic fantasy drama of The Shape of Water fills us within the mystery, excitement, romance and odd-relationship as Elisa manage to get out the creature and brought it to their apartment – putting it inside the bathtub full of water, laboratory protein, salt with much loving from the bond between her and the creature as they’re kissing and making love while they’re alone inside with water flood out and leaks complained by the cinema owner or the power of healing performed by the creature on Giles. 
   You’ll Never Know, Spy Meeting, Five Stars General, The Silence of Love, That Isn’t Good, Underwater Kiss as well as Decency replacing disgusts to kindness as Hoyt giving Strickland an ultimatum to recover the creature within 36 hours, Mosenkov leaves for rendezvous but ended up being shot by his soviet handlers but taken and tortured by Strickland soon after as he confessing for the creature’s information before died.
Strickland going to confronts Zelda and finding the next information from her husband under threats; while Elisa and Giles taken the ill-creature to the planned release point of the city canal for farewell when Strickland showed up and punching Giles and shoot the creatures and Elisa as well. 
The amphibian creature soon coming back alive and attacking Strickland by slashing his throat to death then carrying Elisa body and jumps to the canal as the cops shows up. 
It heals her as the gills wound on her neck opens for them to be happily ever after closing by Giles romantic poem.