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6 Months Recovery (WaterTower Music 2009)

   Fictional famous private detectives characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Neo-Noir action adventurer Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson his loyal partner investigating the murder of women ritualistic case as Inspector Lestrade police department arrested Lord Henry Blaockwood as the main suspect but the engaged later Watson moving out from Baker Street office for stop having deals within Holmes eccentricities and before being hanged to death Blackwood met Holmes, warning him about some unstoppable deaths as the great world changes.
The following investigation of Holmes and Watson leads them to meet Irene Adler asking them to find the missing Luke Riordan whom found dead inside Blackwood’s coffin by destroying the tomb in search to belief that Blackwood has risen back as series clues from the body evidence made them discover an experiment attempts of merging science and magic. Hanz Zimmer took his talent composing the score music for the soundtrack in Data Data Data, He’s Killed The Dog Again, My Mind Rebels At Stagnation, Martial Sabotage to Ah Putrefaction on dealing with the suspense thrilling stories. 
   Surviving the labs battle with Blackwood; Holmes then taken to the Temple of Four Orders - a secret fraternity with considerable politic influences led by Lord Chief Justice Sir Thomas Rotheram, US ambassador Standish and Home Secretary Lord Coward to stop his investigation. As Blackwood nominated to be revealed in the society group as the new leader Holmes studied the symbolic for Blackwood specific target victim as final murder of the parliament member but with the arrest issue on him has been ordered; Holmes must hiding first and leading him, Watson and Irene found out about the designed experiment device of cyanide gas chambers down the sewer targeting the Palace of Westminster but Irene disable the device and Holmes pursuing Blackwood to the tower bridge where Blackwood plunged to his fall entangled in a noose chain around his neck hanged. 
Adler then reveals her employer whom is much sinister and intelligent or duplicitous named Professor Moriarty. 

Moriarty used the event as a diversion and took the key component from the machine and for Sherlock Holmes; got his next new case or new adversary …