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13 Cargo Plane Men (T2 Entertainment 2011)

   Adolf Hitler death is always be surrounded by its own controversies of conspiracy theory which leads the group of people like producer/director Erik Eger and Magnus Oliv to their special interests and researching for couple quite long times collectively to decided on making the mockumentary examines the possibility for the infamous Third Reich and Germanic Fuhrer for not commits suicide inside the Berlin bunker at the end of World War II in 1945as centering the vision and brave interviewing across confusion, complicated and immediate danger lurking around their hard working or secretly planned movie making operation and filming by historian Skule Antonsen (Sweden) with film director Idelfonso Elizalde of Spain for their one hour and almost seventeen minutes length duration on the unrated movie entitled – One Hundred Years Of Evil starring Jon Reykdal, Jordi Almeida to Lucy Bermingham and Andrea Sooch within the screenplay wrote by Olly Blackburn and Joacim Starander focusing on this interesting character investigation of Adolf Munchenhauser as his individual bears resembling strikes too many similarity to Adolf Hitler presence like the dancing moves, the meeting talks as even though now his turning a bit a quiet person since being out from ex-Nazi german detention camp in US but decided to staying there since.
   Winning good filming festival media interests like Stockholm International to Fantasia International to Indiewire and Montreal Gazette news as cinematographic awesome directing with a very attractive lining story as the facts like same appearance old videos, the truth about Camp Rebecca onto the relocation facility off The Great Basin Desert as eye-witnesses and evidence gained by Skule and his filming research-team as well as background suspicious thrilling music made by Joacim Starander bombarded the facts of the reality and lies being corrupted and blur here within the red lines tentacles locating the answers to be found and the history rewrites itself again for this movie to watch.
   Many unknown individuals later on showed-up to distracting or stymied the authentication of this investigating efforts – probably, sending by either the secret government cover-up black ops mission or something higher and greater than the established power people themselves to stop the movie from being released and spreading.