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03:15 Petrushka (Hyperboloid 2009)

   Breakbeat, IDM or Chiptune pleasurable beats convincing the interests over the mini album dedication of Dimitri “Dima” Vihornov away from his PorkRoll group works but a solo project within the stuffed blistering funky beats of bass-line sampling onto live comparative variable into Electronic experiments musical making lesser and lesser human but catchy just like your little brother baby gaming sessions under the names of Vikhornov (project). 

   Magic Carpet displaying not only a donkey smiling and wearing suits but how human may arguing about their down grades existence with too much population or information or mis-direction hostility aiming plans as destroying themselves from within led the Opus tracks and Narodnaya onto Japan proof pleasures as well as Milk Pause button that you might never found to push to stopping the speed-ticket to final taken over by computerized music maker. 

Magic Carpet: