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Texas Lawman (Left Bank/Polydor 1992)

   As being comprising for Randy Smith, Bobby Bird, Mark Aceves, Clifford Smith, Johnny Barnes and Jimi Hughes being solidify to releasing their first debut via The Regulators’ self-titled for displaying Southern Rock promising high-tension and techniques by compositions between live shows and regular band-tempered on a wild wild west themes available to be written within those eleven tracks as the band posing facing the sunset for the front cover logos and keep the audiences go listening the variety grooves behind every beats of harmony via Let It Ride, Good To Go, Lay Down Your Money, Need For Speed and Crazy Circles. Rolling yourself to the real world with the start-up from these last cowboys rocked troops.

The Regulators:

Diving Rod Lolita (One-Handed Music 2013)

   Should it be called a murder music Electro in Hip-Hop flavored to this instrumental British plus the rest of those unfriendly beats of weirder and odd addition towards how Paul White did in his own works of musical show on disc through an EP entitled – Watch The Ants which combines the Art-Deco’s avant-garde compositions between loud jams and extra-ventures artworks there on the front cover. Within two hands or just the magical hand showing to help the audiences to go beyond within his perspective delivery unique as exotic whereabouts any likeable lyrics or melodic wordplay on grooves to psyched out washes tremble favorite selections over Minus, Seagull Conscience, Slugs Don’t Hug ft. Sean Price to Street Lights ft. Danny Brown will forcing listeners to walk the London path crossing the Thames river right Until Tomorrow Find a Way ft. Homeboy Sandman finished the case of curious progressive of experimental values in Electronic production.

Watch The Ants EP:

Shotgun Riding (Capitol Records 1986)

With their first debut going hysterically famous for one single shot of hit and this group of woman-fronted lead singer named Katrina and The Waves meets their days era through the parts of exciting decade of the seventies as being formed first by Kimberley Rew, Katrina Leskanich and Vince de la Cruz with Alex Cooper as their four preview recordings went straight to a cool national attractions as many music radios playing their hit and more recording songs with the other good bands and artists back then.

The fifth album releasing on Waves probably, not the best Pop-Rock sounds you might listening that day but at least, the rock electro and Pop combinations mostly – shall captures the teenage-geeking party heads to loving it. The group posing or running in front, good catchy song-lists still and proving you that Tears For Me, Sleep On My Pillow, Mr. Star or Stop Trying to Prove (How Much of a Man You Is) as well as Money Chain leaves the audience holiday-ing on Sun Street as good as it gets, pals !


Sax P.I.M.P (Street Solid 1999)

   West Coast Rap-stars crew in your face or stereo busting system to confronts which came represents of Pomona, CA signed to Eazy-E Ruthless or moving to Death Row/Tha Row under Suge Knights’ wings of crime acts as one of the group member – Big hutch caught in conspiracy of thousand traffic pounds of marijuana as their independent since Tommy Boy signing in era brought to the resulting record on behalf works off either Anthony Stewart, Daddy Cool, Greg Hutch or some more names rapping the flow of lyrics tougher than your average Rap albums and closed-criminal influenced or relates which recalls Gangsta Rap once again ruling the last timing ticking over the late ninety-nine era within Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing brothas’ squeezing touch all over your bitchy girls or torturing your small balls – under the baptizing street-hard knocking attitudes via Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One from Above The Law. Thus brown sugar breasts, licking tones and inviting beats to do something bad to any whitey or gang-opponents around your hood while cruising with a cocked up gun – getting ready to blow or bust some caps within the rhythmic beats following Three Strikes, Black Mob, Marvin, Recycle The Black Dollar, Pawns, Smoke and It Ain’t Where You From or A.T.L True – would driving unnoticed behind you and give you a very bad day or you can joining the seeds on making bucks and live shorter …


Handkerchiefs Razzamataz (Volume Records 1985)

Weirdy, almost like childish vocals and top of the pops Rock N’ Roll action music made by these Sunderland, UK seminal group of Pop-Punk Rock calling their tunes a mocking poop but many might loving Toy Dolls really fine as their funny drilling independent music keeps of getting weirder within the lyrics and themes animated and not-famous but interesting to listen to these infamous lads.

Either by the original line-up consisting for Pete Zulu (guitars), Flip or Phillip Dugdale the bassist/vocalist; Mr. Scott behind drums or even the last known members like Olga, Tom Gobber to more names comes and go crossing the career of your lame dynamite (The) Toy Dolls especially through their second musical releasing record there on A Far Out Disc where Punk-Rock still surviving the income selling point as the new Rock N’ Roll fusion over She Goes to Finos, Modern Schools of Motoring, Carol Doods is Pregnant, Commercial Break onto We’re Mad and Wipe Out! 

As the rowdy Country-farts of Punk Rock junks being assembled into parts known to be sold as this package of harmony shouts and sing-along rubbish rock !

A Far Out Disc:

Test Tube Babies (Stiff America 1980)

   Hail the Punk-Rock flag anthem honoring Wendy O Williams whom being one of the greatest rebel warrior heroine for simplicity, raw and blasting music ever made in the history of New York city of American Heavy Rock as well as splattering more controversial within the forming of her group-band (The) Plasmatics with Rod Swenson as countless taboos broken down shows being stopped by police departments; wild actions and harsh lyrics freedom of speech to chainsaws displays destroying guitars, sledge-hammering television blown up out cabinet-speakers and cars on stage must be some sort of how this thing dragging trouble towards the explicit and censorship but Wendy O continues with Jean Beauvoir, T.C Tolliver or Wes Beech on their releasing debut recording – New Hope For The Wretched like circus freaks nudity of the rebellious (soft)porncore-tinged version of Blondie with maniac girl fronting it as Living Dead, Won’t You, Squirm (Live), Dreamlover, Sometimes I and Corruption blasting hard out of your fucking stereo faster with a sign labeled the album “caution: dangerous music hitting your brain !” should put on the cover showing the crew members and Wendy O tasting luxury of rebellion acts ! 

New Hope For The Wretched:

Prayer Rats Sandra's Brain (Two Crabs Universal 1979)

   The Soft Boys original psychedelic of Cambridge’s crew calling themselves Maureen and The Meatpackers cool but not enough sell-out for the beginning on the Punk-up meets New Wave Hard Rock arena in miniature modernism as then revivalist vocalist Robyn Hitchcock doing it one more time through The Soft Boys group consisting for names like Alan Davies, Andy Metcalfe, Jim Melton, Kimberley Rew, Matthew Seligman to Morris Windsor and the proof would be this debut recording of The Soft Boys releasing A Can Of Bees that might not stinging the audience harder and poisoning enough but as you listening time meet this British opportunist; you may loving them for more within The Pigworker, Human Music, Return of The Sacred Crab, Wading Through a Ventilator or Cold Turkey reads the Hard Rock awareness sophisticates and solid by the access through Indie Pop rocks sessions.

A Can Of Bees:

Stone Cold Sober (Warner Bros. Records 1975)

   Leaving his seminal high profiling success level away from the group’s days through Jeff beck Group and The Faces for this London-born British singer Roderick David Stewart whom turning points his solo pointing sell-out Rock N’ Roll music good shows and iconic along to one of the best Hall of Fame figures in Rock era history to be recognizable as his plenty albums and good better song-writing or as the way his unique singing over the Pop-Rock Soft Arena studio delighted recording for his sixth times as soloist star on Atlantic Crossing which displaying such a glamour relevant on shining heels and clothes of a superb starring the former rising stars turning the steps on the stairway of higher sparkling of a gigantic walks over the advance metropolis and the future gate of Pop-Rock sounds, classically – collectible just like the Fast Side or Slow Side shows us onto All in The Name of Rock N’ Roll, Three Time Loser, Drift Away and way more through It’s Not The Spotlight, Still Loving You and Sailing; must be Rod Stewart’s physical emotive building for his recognitions as a good artist besides Bowie out there.

Atlantic Crossing:

Reelin’ Kings (ABC Records/Probe 1972)

Besides The Grateful Dead and Mr. Garcia's completed influences – these efforts from the cloed similar years era with the nearly perfect mid-tempo of Classic Rock, Jazzy Latin tunes and collaborated sounds made pretty well by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen inducting their project name known as Steely Dan; a good example of what kinds of good bands from the early seventies uniquely, crossing the interests that make the popularity behind the background issues and themes as turning the Classics way for the balance of the artworks and examples for the listeners to loving the debut recording release through Can’t Buy A Thrill that includes names like Denny Dias, David Palmer, Jeff Baxter and Jim Hodder within their harmony vocals as a solid group and soft-tender-licious Progressive Pop services as well as the great artistic front cover works which displaying the sexy lips biting the licorice candies in fully colors variety and how glamor the year was and leaving the glitters for the next millennium to taste. The mainly soft guitars, mighty keyboards and bass-line rhythms filling the entire non-gap for promising Rock N’ Roll meets R’N B soulful tunes via Midnite Cruiser, Only A Fool Would Say That, Dirty Work, Change of The Guard or Turn That Heartbeat Over Again – keeps the small world of a har-working men and loyal housewives schooling their children guided by freedom and democracy for listening more Classic Rock on the radio stations everyday !

Can't Buy A Thrill:

Basement Pirates (Jailhouse Records 2015)

   Being exact influenced by names like Alkaline Trio, Operation Ivy and Samiam before them; these Orange & Westchester County, New York Punk-Rock band The Jukebox Romantics is your newer trio to blown-up the Skater-Punk hours of extreme displaying of free-style on the four wheels grinding concrete amusing adventures as Transmissions Down album release the fear, singled-out or racism victims to get out in self-esteem around town or just jumping the stage with bassist/vocalist Bob, Norm behind the drum-set and Terry the guitarist/vocalist taking us for a ride through the roller-coaster of life, loving kindness, social values issues or hatred struggling battles via Darling Daisy, Easy Coast Communication, Disappointed, Living with Sin onto Spilling Your Intestines may sounded amazingly cool or even disgusting to ignored to forget and maliciously, must be purchased to you all – the fanatic Punk-Rock skater communion.

Transmissions Down:

Girl Next Door (Nemperor Records 1979)

   Praising more for the Power-Pop New Wave of America formed through several areas including the line-up of quartet from Detroit, Michigan known later as The Romantics whose comprising for Coz Canler (vocals, guitars), Wally Palmar (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Mike Skill (bass, guitar, vocals) with Jimmy Marinos (vocals, drums, percussion) on their special releasing debut album in self-titled called The Romantics to be instantly, famous for their cool, straight and simple music on Pop-Rock attacks the radio stations and young people’s ears during the late of the seventies era – where good music must be your live pulses and there’s nothing but a good time within the rest of the world to celebrates but love, peace and romantically fun to listening and sang about. She’s Got Everything, Till I See You Again, Tell it to Carrie and When I Look in Your Eyes will be some of their early works hits that may not making them sunken through the bunch of one hit wonder lists; especially – by looking so neat in orange-radish like the front cover pose.

The Romantics:

Ending Resolution (Bandcamp 2018)

Creative common for free music making as musique libre in public domain royalty sounds for soundtrack, television or gaming purposes by Komiku/Monplaisir over this pitch of adventure like this one as cute and non-gendered story of Poupi – a doggo only can works to the universal prophecy interpretations with solid fun and crush total of loving the best instrumental sounds noises combination for Poupi’s Incredible Adventures ! These seventies tracks production in the making for kids, teenagers and adults may giving the listeners a good sense of loyalty freak connected to some of the good intention via Cat City, Fracture of The Universe will Happen Soon, Dance Contest to The Meowsic, Tender Lover poupi as well as Jenifer The Game, Escaping The Collapsing Universe and Space MTV. You can see the cover looks interesting fun and a bit clumsy by the making but the music really good to listen-up to !


Last Manifesto Undone (Bandcamp 2015)

   Creating music as the purpose of being free to decided not enslaved by fame, money or fortune is the main plan why on earth the solo and collaborative musical project off London to Liverpool seeking new listeners and spreading the infamous experimental tracks blending on Minimal Synth-Wave, Electronic pounding noises or Alternative Cold modernism Synth by the order of not to pay or given charity for The New Brutalism recorded by This Is The Bridge forging the insanity, eerie and intellectual type of suspicious Sci-Fi collaboration within weirdness follows the infrastructure holographic music sounds of a newer moderate high-technology went wrong in The New Brutalism revealing its ugly epsilon demiurge disguising of looney musical and standard monotone spoken vocals via Relocation Relocation, Habitat, Down with The Bulldozers, Strata, Walls Will Fall onto La Main Ouverte as well as Tower Block Disco.Blue shall taste sadness – it is here underneath the depressive lower tones of man and machine copulating to build society of secrets.

The New Brutalism:

From One Bird (Independent 2007)

   Acoustic Folk-Pop rocking and Country-natural clear-tinged crystal in searching for praising the lyrics on faith beliefs and thanking for the meal and prayers over the days of reckoning as the first but not the last within this song-writing and singing for Indie-Pop show over contemplation in deeply melodies will gets your ears loving them as blends separated in senses offering little interruption state to your daily world as story goes on coming from this Hamilton, Ontario performance by From The Bridge as you might calling him or them; releasing the outdoors beauty not perils closer to the edge of the ravine but dangerous is not threatening – only needs to be aware if you care and dare to avoid them.

Being a good, honest men isn’t easy but within this type of songs carry your spirits on over the life-journey things might be looked promising since the play for Then Now and Again, Mint, Not This Time But Another, Figure Reason, Lakeside (This Is) onto Trust – might leads the listeners to a better righteous steps to sweetness follow Passages - the album …


Silent Lord Chaos (Self-Released 2017)


   May you also feel that there’s something special with this band named Johnnytwentythree for the making of the peaceful sophomore recording on cinematic Post-Rock and instrumental for Cincinnati – Ohio as the background reaction story behind the reasons and suicide idea from being done or hold postponed chances if one can as the group suffers the lost of their memorial reality in life and death over their bassist/husband/friend/brother just like the candle lit on leaving the lights to those whom being left behind as proceeding here beyond The Bridge album recording carried several further length written songs as the start of reflections and commemorates those whom experiences the similar events horrible and shocking but determined to be cured as a try via Night of War, Dark of The Sun, In The Master’s Throne Room, A Good Childhood, Last Breath and Shipwreck onto Keys of Freedom – seems to celebrating everything cherished as memories of the real past. Johnyytwentythree are Michael Maier (guitars), Brianne Maier (violin), Joseph Maier (bass), Brian Tyree (drums) and Stephen Imwalle (visual) sharing you - the divided dimension off humanity and technology.

The Bridge:

Kids Brooklyn (Self-Released 2014)

   Unsigned Hip-Hop of New York city area rappers united and bring their flavored newer game music beats coming as Supreme as your well-looking rock star in mohawk – Mr. SlySpitta the charm boy pretty and Skulli appearing with his rugged style and lyrics to bring their story of lives.

   Sampling the credits within Mountain, Fait Chaud, Curtis Mayfield, Donna Summer and Isaac Hayes freeing down the flows of consciousness by clever tales to share on you all through Center Stage: Act I as their second album in theatrical portraits production and five tracks here will be your proof to listening about as non-bias with II. Superfly by three minutes more or III. Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn as well as IV. Bad Girl projects showing that the empty show needs just more than brains to make it go on but attitude and talents and T.N.T duet may let people knowing about their Triumph & Never Tarnish means.

Center Stage - Act I:

Oiufael Devil Book (Painkiller Records 2006)

   Horror paths still alive and well in Sonderberg, Denmark made to flesh by Denial Of God crew as deader Doom Metal provides the views of darkness prevails. Brothers in satanic arms and prelude to ancient pagan beliefs built the band straight away as Ustumallagam (vocals) and Azter (guitar) as well as Uksul (drums) with tons of bass players during their period of demo-ing tapes and further more destruction actions in the releasing of their third album materials through The Horrors Of Satan in Black Metal mayhem as you might heard them clashing, bashing and corroding the atmosphere within extreme metallic riffs, growls and double pedals worshipers in false faith beliefs.

The Curse of The Witch, The Iron Gibbet, A Night in Transylvania and many horrific themes tales opened by The Coming would be sophisticated just like your real favorite thrilling movies turning to living reality through the brutal sounds ! 

The Horrors Of Satan:

Sentenced Burn (Instilled/Cruzade 2014)

    May this not easily choke-hold your throat’s up within these eight non-popular tracks of the infamous nineties influences of Metalcore around North African and Spain’s Hardcore Punk by five kids scene of Andalusia tribute comprising on Adrian Bouza, Angel Pena, Esteban Flores, Jose Reyes and Manu Rodriguez as the members of Decadence.  
   By the EP performance release here on In The Mouth Of Hell as Metal-Core brutality meets the heat form Hardcore beats showing how the hatred mission being bend out not towards the moors but the Byzantium territory of Constantinople city by the crusades of holy god armies – witnessing and experienced the horror and terrorizing destruction for the final solution on greed and conquest of power as things always repeating again and again today; with the harder edgy riffs and fully frontal attacks over the Old-School meets New School enrage tracks like Humanity is The Plague, Drown in Your Shit, On The Warpath, Progress To Extinction and World of Abomination suits the medieval painting on the front cover meets the eyes ! 

Into The Mouth Of Hell:

Frame Cat Fat (Sounds Of Subterrania 2007)

   Banged energy bunny from degradation self-conflicts for you within this presence of The Now-Denial music group whose playing their Hardcore of the best in most excellent punkish attitude existed from the hailing proud Germany’s Bremen/Bielefeld/Munster formed forging the ashes of their previous bands dying is today and the releases and the touring proves names like Christian Weinrich, Jan Frohne, Jens Aschemeier, Phillipp Heidemann, Robin Volkert and Soren Schlichhaber in angst recording entitled – Mundane Lullaby mixing their explosive beats of brute extreme sounds as Mouthful of Shit, Glittering Lights/Mallratstraps, Promenade and Warzone, Cesspools or Osmosis reacting not overrated but showing the power-violence and protesting lyrics combination in new waving of Hardcore and Death Rock preposition by independence. 

Mundane Lullaby:

Diablo Crow (Self-Released 2010)

   Fully acoustic-soft within Punk-based within the passionate songs, social justice underlined themes to write and class of conscious or protesting right straightly, from Fayetteville – Arkansas performing by Cletus Got Shot as unlucky it is but as the price questioned and naming – you find this second album from them is quite amusing under the chosen title over - Unamerican which portrays enough Bluegrass Folk and blue-collar division of daily problems in eleven forms of track-lists there unlike no hope presumed not dying to sing along by sad eyes and much depressing via Lady Liberty, Union Town, Slaughter Mtn, Business End or Fight Song – makes the life goes around regularly.


Among Ruins (Dirtnap/Black Water/Sabotage 2010)


   Completely, melodic like the early Black Flag meets Circle Jerks meet Bad Religion awesome influences made by Autistic Youth comprising for Adam Becker, Alex Tryon, Nick Vicario and Seve Sheldon releasing their newer album number three via Idle Minds as Punk-Rock and Skater-busting music emerges like a flick of fire burning the fuse for generation to change their views and society pressures on old values to be replaced before you being the victims caught in a web of ladders and wood-processing of devastation the planet turning it into hellish rock in a box.

   Whether you’re autistic or normal not dead can listening to this recording using the fast tensions and anthemic shouts as your guidance to freeing your brains out. Who’s At Fault, Blank, Can’t Turn Back, Soldiers, Disciple, Deadbeat, Find Me Here even Filled My Head – non pretentiously, showing the much we need for another wind of change to replacing a new thoughts over your old beliefs. 

Idle Minds:

Start From The End (Sabotage Records 2012)

   You might not knowing names like Dorus Meurs (drums), Hein van Tuijl (vocals), Johan Vogels (guitars) or Miriam van Ommeren (bass) but you might love to hear their seven inches recording out of Union Town: Blinding Lights 7” within thus abstracts artworks painting for the front cover as well as the band’s exciting release for their great formatting groovy sounds to the grass-rooted people only over these three tracks and as the six minutes and forty seconds duration works as a guidance towards your introduction over them or Singing Our World Into Existence comes to the stereo displaying system within three minutes more and forty-four seconds – experiencing the human’s sad face and the black asphalt rains directing you to thus red road onto a burning red house must be a symbolizing sign of disaster that never leaves one over their lives.

Blinding Lights 7":

Daddy Daddy (Canyon International 1989)

   Separated in between Italo Disco and Eurobeat permission projects while the founder Aldo Martinelli and collaborator Simona Zanini producing listed involving names of title-songs and recording sessions as Radiorama in their longer history and ex members such as Giuliano Crivellente, Mauro Farina’s requested helps, Antonella or Oscar to Jackie Bodimead; and triple earth cycling completed to releasing the group’s catchy cheesy but semi-legendary New Wave basic musical program for European-Pop and food for thoughts on thus scary-front covered record artwork of the mysterious girl on Four Years After as Electronic experiments or the dance-floor addiction sounds over the party-heads and night-glitters prowlers shall celebrating the last of eighty-nine era with these non-stop music from Baciami (Kiss Me), Flight of Fantasy, Body To Body, A Love Song and Macho Man releasing the high testosterone libidos not only for the teenagers but the adults as well.

Four Years After:

Clarksploitation Career (Not On Label 2016)

   Mount Gambier, Southern Australia menus on the group or duo’s blast beats of Punk meets Death Metal classic performed by Jessica (bass guitar) and Sam on guitars, vocals, drums programs, machine control as their hiring drummer or operator of the mechanical drumming fills in the permanent brutality dwelling through A Permanent Mark album as the band’s solution and offer to those whom cravings on more bestially, powered violent Grindcore music presentations and here they are boundlessly, burning your ears to bleed them up as those forty-six tracks of Wounded Pig shall accompanied your journey into non-pleasure, horrific, terrorizing and crusty destruction themes over Rape Kit, Spoiling The Whole Barrel, As Beautiful As a Rock in a Cops Face, 99%er, Turf War, Straight Up Fuckin’ Gangster onto The Reformed Junkies Guide To Troubled REM Sleep as well as Syringe Stick Up or Abort leaving the stand up bloody-covered figure of death sprinkling the rest of the garden flowers with its stains of disgust.

A Permanent Mark:

Sea Us Party (Independent 2015)

   Made in Staten Island served by the neat performance of mid-techniques and courage females intuitions for Jenna Snyder on bass/words onto Julia Simoniello (guitars/vocals) with Tom Bones behind the drum-set resembling Yeti as your New York’s fine Post-Punk and independent chilling Down-Tempo of Dream-Pop rocking within the awesome nurturing honest girls vocals guidance whether to provoke or to transcend the elements of Punk-Jazz and queer feminist themed ideas on their trio musical on Pill – the album pleasure to creating the hyper-local bound onto the border-less modern compositions as their direct personal values, social community activism and direct important conversation for the souls via White Noise, The War Against Terror, Slow Rojo, Physics onto Am I Awake as you might think that these performers named themselves – Yeti would getting a closer resemblance to Lisa Loeb’s explosives Indie-Rock version recording smaller league of baby hero on battling the gator that wants to eat him. 

Yeti's Pill: