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Surprised Collects… (Polyvinyl Records 2014)

   Contacting the sounds of gritty likewise fuzz from these Chicago Indie rockers trio: Tim and Mike Kinsella to Victor Villarreal on performing their modern challenging new sounds of Math Pop meets Progressive experimental as Owls within the titled recording of Two; might fixing the eardrums for softer and more influencing music classification through the balance of sonic deeds of guitars and prolific drumming as well as good rhythmic values and easy simple lyrics with wider themes to share among honesty and sociable values indeed connected the audience and the lecturer without being over lecturing as the front cover showing choices will be yours to choose and the tracks may going on playing as you wanted them too.

Ten ingredients and less artificial popularity programs did causing either interests or boredom but people would love to have The Lion…, Four Works of Art…, Why Oh Why…, Oh No Don’t… as well as A Drop of Blood… seems to be came in like questioning rather than commands.


Road Down (Noyes Records 2008)

Expansive onto wide-open spaces as heavy-texture inspiring squalls of tunes made as droning feedbacks for the influential remote rural and suburban country-sided area in regent rocks atmosphere bringing back the seminal Psychedelic to Shoegaze/Dream-Pop and Post Rock roundabouts by Tyson McShane, Jeanette Stewart, Chrix Morin, Levi Soulodre with Aaron Scholz and Jordan Kurtz as the Slow Down Molasses coming like a package of grungy distortion disease of harmony and mystery enjoying their days under the sunny and lake-terrace views from I’m An Old Believer seeking Slow Motion, Fucking Up, Leaves & Lay, Hazy Summer Days, Knife Fight as well as Dead Daisies and Dirt Beneath Our Daydreams or And You with it Speck of Dust! shall remains a incomplete buzz carried as whispering sands through the late Spring times breath …

I'm An Old Believer:

Dear Mrs. Touma (Giant Records 1988)

   Formatted their line-ups as names of semi-legendary Washington D.C crew basic Post-Hardcore groovy teaming within Dave Smalley the vocalist, bassist Doug Carrion, many drummers such as Colin Sears onto the newer formation led by guitarist Brian Baker sounding like the mid-tempo version of Minor Threat cleverness meets newer Glen Danzig bad attitude multiplies as their third recordings so far made a touchdown interests via Field Day; protesting Dag Nasty's thoughts to the mindless social values and lame-ass community being enslaved like robots by the authority laws such a disaster not to put interests on these warning lyrics and collectible mild chaos via The Ambulance Song, Staring At The Rude Boys, Under Your influence, Typical and Things That Make No Sense as you must moving on forward not duck and hide ! 

Field Day:

Our Father (Workshed 1991)

   Loose the shoes and jump to die in the fucking moshpit  where true Hardcore-Punk of American’s Huntington Beach bursting their anger anthems via Dan O’Mahony, Josh Stanton, Kevin Murphy and Mario Rubalcaba forcing the fast beats and violent tempos among the tracks available on the recording of This Isn’t Me; try to reshaping the bored generation separated from the addiction on MTV and corporate fast-products within the theory against the things dangerous to come yet as Blackout, Destroy The Dream, The naked Face and Those Homophobic kissing your face like fists of rebellion of the young by (Four One One) 411 complete works as the band !

This Isn't Me:

Conversational Bull Rider (Sixgunlover 2001)

   Amazing soft sophomore tinged melodic and full harmony total of Emo-tional instrumental rocks on your stereo through the performance of Ghosts & Vodka formerly, the combination members of such good independent band around like Cap’N Jazz or Tetsuo on these line-up for Scott Shellhamer (drums), Erik Bocek (bass), Sam Zurick (guitars) and Victor Villareal (guitars) adding their interests for making standard mid-tempo music that can really moves the listeners to another brighter levels of living after this; Precious Blood is their proof for you to having them in your collectible Emo-Rock items per se as the combinations between Math Rock to Indie Pop sounds emerging as seems to be lasted through Andrea Loves Horses, Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities, Futuristic Genitalia as well as Four Red Brains and Is That A Person ? qualities may affects your ideas on re-thinking about the purposes for human intelligence creating artificial intelligent today as necessary helps.

Precious Blood:

Green Vibration (Neat Records 1996)

   Listening to Lacerated Dreams, Auto-Erotic, Black Jesus, Operation Miranda onto Celluloid Scrawl and much more might brings back your freaking memory or as you learning more from Post-Punk Rock 101 from the last decade scene where it’s like Manic Street Preachers splitting out but grows their spikey thorns within these wise lyrics and social conscious via Profondo Rosso’s album To Live, And Die, In The UK just probably, telling us all that there’s a future even when it’s bad but some of you needs to struggle and fight for your reachable dreams like a real punkrocker should.

The genre that later spawning The Foo Fighters after Nirvana sounding like their bastard offspring but recommended by Punk heaven and worth your penny ! 

To Live, And Die, In UK:

Realest Niggas (Sony/Columbia 2004)


   Funny comedy situation dealt by the brothers of FBI agents: Kevin and Marcus Copeland posing as Cuban clerks trying to capture organization members for selling drugs inside the ice cream boxes but turns out to be genuinely real ice cream as the dealers getting away. FBI supervisor Elliot Gordon giving them last chance to remain as the duty to protecting a mega-billionaire cruise line heiresses daughter Brittany and Tiffany Wilson arriving at Labor Day weekend in Hamptons from possible socialite kidnapping plan – as Kevin and Marcus convincing the sexy beautiful sisters to stay in the hotel for the weekend as them disguising as the Wilson sisters using lots of make-ups and trying to save their job.
White Chicks will be your favorite laughable movie with the Wayans brothers total jerky jokes and sarcastic scripts available as the new Wilson sisters meet their best babe best friend rich-gangs: Karen, Tori, Lisa and as well their rivals the bitchy Vandergeld sisters Megan and Heather as everything turns from awkward to fun-times as Kevin grow his interests towards Denise Porter a news reporter as well as Marcus wife Gina suspicious that her man cheats on her during the phone conversation with sales assistant woman while shopping for women clothes.
Pro basketball player Latrell Spencer really interesting to white girls and Tiffany and Brittany are on his lists as during the charity dinner after some attempts to getting closed to Tiffany/Marcus auction date as Kevin grab the chance to asking Denise to his house – actually, Latrell’s place with funny moment for the Rottweiler attacking him for entering as well as the Chinese maid as he stole Aston Martin DB7. FBI agents Gomez and Harper investigating Marcus and Kevin hotel room as Tiffany showing the uncontrollable eating disorder to make Latrell getting low impressive on hitting her but failsas well as the funny radio song moment and the other FBI agents finding Wilson sisters masks concluded their disguises. 
   As Latrell attempt to roffie on Tiffany ended up him drunk and sleeping with Heath as the night turns to Marcus and Kevin beating Heather and Megan in dance-off battle while Karen seeing vomit in the bathroom drunk and slips the information about Warren Vangergeld being broke while Gina and Shaunice seeing Brittany visiting Marcus believed to be cheating with agent Gomez and Harper undisguised and undressing the real Wilson Sisters but they’re not Kevin and Marcus as Mr. Vandergeld is behind the kidnapping plan on pursue as well. The catwalk angers and competitions to humiliates the Wilson Sisters by the Vandergeld sisters turning to the exposing of the kidnapping of real twins and Kevin as the ensuing fight and shots hitting Latrell try to protecting his lover Tifanny/Marcus as Kevin being shot protecting Denise succeeded to arresting Vandergeld along with Heath and Russ, getting their jobs back and even upsetting Latrell at first – he then, captures the Wilson twins hearts while Marcus explaining to his wife about the mission. 
So when you love to watch the movie so did the soundtrack listening which collaborates the compilation form various artists older and new such as Cypress Hill on Latin Thugs, Oscar Hernandez’s Dance City, MC Hammer; La Bamba by Ritchie Valens, Jesse Jaymes performing Shake It (Like A White Girl), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in his written Piano Quartet in E-Flat Major, K. 493 onto the new acts from Beyonce, No Doubt, Pink’s Trouble, Maroon 5’s This Love and Vanessa Charlton’s hit A Thousand Miles.


Bird Without A Feather (New West Records 2007)

   A former Blues guitar player and a religious farmer one day finding a white girl unconscious half naked on the road near his farmhouse; Lazarus Redd met Rae Doole the young sex addict whose being tortured and beaten up badly severed by Gill Morton whom is her ill-tempered boyfriend’s friend – Ronnie Morgan leaves to deployment with Field Artillery Brigade of Tennessee National Guard as Lazarus background marriage story ends with his wife having affair with his brother. Rae in her boyfriend absence indulging to promiscuity with a black drug-dealer as for drug uses; beliefs that she’s almost died but as the old former Blues-man saving her skinny ass as she being conscious and telling about parts of her story goes leading Lazarus to confronting Tehronne whom first being his suspect for the beaten up but ended up sheltering the poor girl lasted her several days over the delirious course as the old man chained her to the radiator in order to preventing her doing something flirty dirty as she kept on being seductive to the man forcing him to bathing her and fuck her hard as she imagines almost every time she went to bed or daily times at home as Lazarus trying hard to explaining and announces his spiritual duty to healing her from all those sinful thoughts and ways – refused to releasing her until she really did curing herself inside and outside. Rae makes several escapes attempts but chose to picking the teenage boy whom helps the farm picking right as the boy opens the freaking door and witnessing her getting nude and kissing him in fully arouse as they’re having brief sex before Lazarus comes home and find it out – in rage.
   As the seductive semi-independent movie portraying most of the southern like Blues player of Mississippi meet the nymphomania troubled local white girl with their interaction one another as he bought several good new conservative women clothes decently as Rae attitudes became tolerate to the position as Lazarus would playing guitar for hours to her as cooked home-meals as the pastor found out about him imprisoning the girl and explains one to another with reasonable thoughts as sharing the meal. 
Black Snake Moan music comes like a electro-shocking as well as how hands grabbing hands while skins connected within you having the most intimated warmth sexual intercourse just like how many colored people inside the bar dancing sweaty like motherfucking crazies with Rae in the middle of the attraction listening to what Lazarus performing on stage with the band. Life changes and various artists giving their total works for this one over the soundtrack such as the gospel sides to the mighty original temptation over the thicker Blues from Outrageous Cherry on Lord Have Mercy On Me, Al Kapone via Hate On, Bobby Rush singing Chicken Heads, The Losing Kind by John Doe, The Heartless Bastards performing Pass and Fail or Jessie Mae Hemphill to Eldorado and The Ruckus and Samuel L. Jackson himself performing the songs. The conclusion comes as Ronnie got home after fighting with Gill and continue searching for Rae – he found out spotting Rae in town with Lazarus as towners watching them both suspiciously and Rae confronting her mom on a trip to town with no authority judgement on her Lazarus trying to free her but she meant to stay. 
Ronnie comes with a gun to the house threatening Lazarus but as he calming and talked to him – Ronnie decide to get stronger together again even they got their own problems as panic-attack to sexual temptation but they promised to taking care of each other. 


Fortune And Fame (DreamWorks 2000)

   Josh Parker is a childhood friend of Tiffany Henderson whose becoming high-school sweethearts dealing with their long distance relationship with Josh went to Ithaca university while Tiffany enrolls to Austin as fidelity promise stops as josh loses contact but kept doing video blog to send to her as he suspected seeing another men. As Josh friend E.L introducing him to a stop worrying about Tiffany and convince to befriending Beth but Jacob the Philosophy teacher's assistant have a crush as well to Beth being jealous.
At one party, Josh and Beth escaping from Jacob and making intercourse video accidentally recorded on Josh videotape in a room and then mailed to Tiffany with Tiffany voicemailing Josh about her grandpa’s funeral makes her busy for a while as they’re losing contact freaks Josh out as he needs to stop the video from being seen by her girlfriend asking kyle with his car and E.L and Rubin to tag along driving across 1.800 miles to Austin back in three days a.s.a.p. 
The supposed shortcut way reaching Pennsylvania giving them a small collapsed bridge wasting their 5 hours back tracking with E.L and Rubin convince to do the Evel Knievel jump as the car effectively destroyed and explodes; continuing on foot to the motel where Rubin tried to score marijuana from the eccentric clerkwhile E.L got the transportation from a savvy blind woman works on local school letting the bus repaired and hit the road again. 
   This Road Trip comedy movie flicking so much teenage-element on it as the scenes and the soundtrack from various artists such as  the Alternative rock troops from Ween to Supergrass to Ash and Eels performing their spontaneous tracks like Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues, Pumping On Your Stereo, Voodoo Lady and I’m Gonna Fall onto Jungle Brothers’ Early Morning or Kid Rock/Uncle Kracker comes rhyming via E.M.S.P as well as the Hard Rock-ing blisters from Buckcherry or Twisted Sister or Run DMC’s classics along with Minnie Riperton as the group finally made it to Austin to Tiffany’s dorm after series of misadventures to the sperm bank, African-american fraternity house overnight stay onto wild visits to Barry’s grandparents. 
Earl showed up and dragging Kyle back home for the car destruction as the assaults between them making a mini riot in the dorm lobby; Josh and Tiffany discussing their relationship as the video being watch showing only Barry mooning the camera send Josh back to school in only 48 hours before losing his midterm and course and kicked out the school. 
Being just friends now with Tiffany – Josh heading back and needs a little illegal albeit help from Beth; a happy couple later of josh and Beth still together making videos but Jacob becoming a cult leader staging a mass suicide while Rubin successfully cultivating marijuana and humorous future for Kyle and E.L relates in the ending closed by Barry.


The Mother (The Weinstein Company 2009)

   Starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee trying to survive their travel or migration heart-felt adventures through the post-apocalyptic thrill drama struggles the global cataclysm as a man and his young son scavenging for supplies and avoid roaming danger from gangs and cannibal mobs as well the extinction event happening around them leaving sorrow, pain and memory fades as earlier years before with a woman giving birth and her man shot an intruder as they’re arguing about three last bullets stopping her from following the last resort’s act together as she goes to the wood with her coat and hat – never to be seen again by the man whom then, going away with his son trying to find hope on the travel to the coastal warmer area as catastrophe struck people of the planet for deserving their own destruction and non-responsibility acts to preserving our only one home planet as The Road movie portraying this carefully natural and calmer within the original film score musical performed and composed by the infamous Nick Cave and Warren Ellis duet through their capacity on making further more eerie, adventurous as well as thrilling excitements overall thus scenery carried by the movie itself as Folk/World Music/Electronic-Ambient to mystical instrumentals accompanying the father and son walks through the devastation wilderness dare enough for facing anything but protected one another via Storytime, Water and Ash, The Real Thing, The Church, The Cellar or The Bath might easily or confusing minds of the audiences following their paths in search for lasted hope left behind upon this tragic world conditions.

   As harmony beauties prevails and rebuilds or discovering people locked in the basement onto killing some cannibals in order to save some lives before turning to their food supplies; the luck for finding underground shelter and canned food as they’re feast and bathe as the persuaded to an old blind-man to the dog’s barking intensively, giving us some different perceptions includes on their lists for surviving rules and ways as the coast scavenge beached ship by the man leaving the boy on guard but their stuff got stolen as the man chasing after the thief and kills him distressing the boy much. A ruined town giving the man a shot of arrow on his leg as he kills the ambusher with flare gun from the ship; finding the female archer trying to follow them down as she wept and left behind. 

   As the weakened man abandon the cart and possessions with deteriorates condition and eventual died alone; the boy soon being accepted by this man of what he can calling as “good guys” with a wife, two children and a dog takes him under their protection through the next days of uncertainty. 


C17 CRISPR (WaterTower Music 2018)


   Space station labs experiments went wrong as the thing fell to earth carrying the military canister pathogen which are a biological weapon that exposing genes and DNA of living things contacted to it. Later creating a massive giant monsters of albino gorilla from the zoo named George, a grey-wolf and crocodile as they’re killing humans and coming chaotically as Rampage (movie) trying to destroy the city of Chicago following the low radio signals being spread by the evil corporation that creates them the first place Energyne.

Science-fiction monster film which drove primatologist/former US Army David Okoye teaming up with genetic engineers Dr. Kate Caldwell and Agent Harvey Russell must stopping gigantic George and other monsters from devastating the entire city and prevent the army on bombing the area. 

   As the actions went bigger and dangerous to see within our heroes must feeding the aggressive antidote to George that already climbing up the Willis tower where the gorgeous wicked CEO Claire Wyden and her silly brother doing their tests and planning for the escape using helicopter but fails as Chicago deserving fully destruction from George the ape, Ralph the angry wolf and Lizzie the crocodile monster with much casualties from civilians and armed troops and collapses buildings as Andrew Lockington contacting the calm-down suspense thrill tracks composing via the scoring soundtrack as Paavo, Wyoming, Quarry, Laptop, Grenades or Requiem as well as Kid Cudi’s execution song of The Rage helping David and the conscious back later albino George fighting the ferocious Rampage monsters before as the city might be still get Saved and stopping the greedy corporation like Energyne as well as vicious red-dressed CEO like Claire Wydens a must. 

Wrapped up through the falling big military jet-plane, Cornfield, hot zoo employees for a date or mutated rat attacks in the burning space station would be such freaking explosives to watch with family and friends - as bigger sizes, devastating !


Buster’s Last (Bay Cities 1990)

   Paul Sheldon – a famous writer with his best selling novels enjoying his driving travel through the snowy road of Silver Creek, Colorado having a terrible accident as the car crashed but luckily, being saved and taking care of as he got broken legs and dislocated shoulder from his number one fanatic fan – Annie Wilkes whom actually, turns out to be a psychotic possessive nurse with violent background and soon Paul gets bad treatments as he realizing that he must obeying his captor forcing him to write down the manuscript next novel about the female character Misery Chastain’s forbidden romance.
Being feed in warmth kindness turns to raging crazy female wrath in a remote wooden house as Misery story written by Stephen King offers us the thrilling topic about solitude, psycho minds and a will to escape the terror and as the scoring tracks available by Marc Shaiman works detailing every bit of gratitudes, apologizing and tortures both verbal or physical over the recovery Paul in bed being chained as the plan for getting out being sets in his mind waiting for the best time to act; for Misery’s Return, Open House, Go To Your Room and She Can’t Be Dead listing composed songs for the original motion picture soundtrack reveals the struggles on both characters played by James Caan and Kathy Bates as the local sheriff investigating the disappearance news around Paul Sheldon missing; the trial for several infants death by Annie in the old clippings as after she breaks Paul ankle with sledgehammer for disobedience; then Paul must seated on a wheelchair or dragging himself from room to room trying to find the way to escape and learning the situation while Annie being away to the store. 
   The story scripts complete with Paul asking for a matches, sets them on fire with Annie panicking rushes to save the new story on Misery hits by Paul’s wheelchair then, with the type-writer single handedly kills Annie after the fatal hits in the head using typewriter. Being saved after several months later – Paul still haunted by the terrible incident and scary number one fan figure. 


A Party… For Me ? (Capitol Records 1991)

   Characteristic of cartoon figures by the same name – The Addams Family’s a supernatural blackest comedy and deranged type of family you don’t want to have living closer to your house; as consisting of Gomez Addams the psychotic-man, his mysterious dark seductress wife Morticia Addams, their two creepy and strange children Wednesday and Pugsley with witch Grandmama, Uncle Fester and Lurch the monster and dead-hand pet Thing as their lawyer Tully owns money to a loan shark women/con artist Abigail Craven and having his son resemblance to Fester after his absence lament for 25 years disappearance being proposes in by Gomez’s lawyer to penetrating The Addams for the search of hidden vault keeping vast riches as Abigail poses disguising as Dr. Greta Pinder-Schloss a german psychiatrist telling the family about Fester lost in Bermuda Triangle. As Marc Shaiman scoring the movie soundtrack compiling it within some of the finest tracks of orchestra and mystic beauty of darken odds comedy and non-daily typical of halloween themes all the way which collectible through the quirky fun choices over Seances and Swordfights, Family Plotz, The Mooche, Mamushka as Thing Gets Work and Fester Exposed upon The Rescue continuing the scam plans by  Abigail and Gordon learning that behind the overjoyed of Gomez meeting back with his long lost brother – Fester success on women made Gomez jealous long ago as Gomez himself then, starts to get suspicious about this impostor Fester as Morticia reminds the clumsy acts below the importance of family and the vengeance of those whom crossing them.
   As Gordon/Fester becoming more and more closer to the kids as they’re preparing the extended family party for the returning of Fester as Abigail planned to break the vault even being overheard by Wednesday but the rules pointing Fester as the older brother technically owns the property as Gomez fails in the court and the family retrains as ordered banning them from the house by the help of the neighbor Judge Womack. As the attempts failure for Abigail and her team to penetrates the booby trap to the vault; The Addams tries to find a new job while living in a motel – Morticia became school-teacher, the kids selling toxic lemonades and Gomez drown into lethargy depression before Morticia comes back and being captured by Abigail for telling the access to the vault as The Addams fights back and Gordon whom is the real Fester after all of his long amnesia on being lost using the magical book spells and launches hurricane inside the house and thrown out evil Abigail and Tully into open graves as the lightning strikes onto his head recovers his memories back as members of The Addams Family. 


Remembrances Pripetshok (Geffen Records 1993)

   This historical drama period of European Jews darkness hours taken rom the novel called Schindler’s Ark is a remarkable terrifying tales of a wealth, handsome and high class businessman named Oskar Schindler did his good deeds on saving more than thousand Polish Jews family from being enslaved and tortured and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp marking the horrific holocaust events during the World War II as hey later calling themselves – Schindlerjuden as being retold by Poldek Pfefferberg as his life mission surviving that about this heroic and melodramatic story on Schindler’s List in a black and white shooting film with the Krakow ghetto area background as the gambling for profit from Oskar Schindler turned to compassion as well as reflection on how cruel the German Nazi threaten most of their captured Jews prisoners not portraying as human being but lower like animals. With the led savage attitude of the SS Unterstrumfuhrer Amon Goth constructing oversee of Plaszow concentration camp and the liquidation of the ghetto within the massacre genocide process underway; Schindler finding out the chance to making friends with him as maintaining to save some of his workers carefully and bribes the Wehrmacht and commanders as well.
   The focus of shifting and protecting his workers charge Oskar to bribe large mount of money as being helped by his right hand man – Itzhak Stern the wiser old Jewish accountant from managing their aluminum factory as some other prisoners being shot from balcony or raped by soldiers as being portraying sadly as a little girl in red coat whom not lasted long surviving the cleansing by Nazi troops. Passing the german people parties, hard day’s working to the lots of lost souls hiding but being found by the Nazi inside the abandoned houses, buildings, secret compartments and either send as the slavery labors or the gas chamber experiments; the bribes on Rudolf Hess finally, being celebrates as the Jewish Sabbath as the Germans surrendering the war and Red Army approaching to retaken the city area as the farewell of Oskar Schindler weeping is regret – unable to save more Jews workforce as Berlin surrender to Americans but all the Jews thanking Schindler’s List for doing greater things rather than thinking about his own profits within the intelligent works on the heart-felt composition instrumental tracks conducted by John Williams about Give Me Your Name; Schindler’s List: Theme From Schindler’s List to Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto – Winter ’41) with violinist Itzhak Perlman and Boston Symphony Orchestra offering as well Stolen Memories, I Could Have Done More and Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold) reprising the visits of Oskar “Herr Direktor” Schindler’s cemetery by many generations of the survivor Jews ending the mournful film directed by Steven Spielberg. 


The Rag Quarterflash (Geffen Records 1994)

   Michael Sambello screams out on Gremlins… Mega Madness track with Peter Gabriel’s did Out Out produced by Nile Rodgers and Jerry Goldsmith mostly composing the instrumental fun tracks like Fanfare In C/The Shop/The Little One, First Aid, Spilt Water, The Injection, The Box or Dirty Linen – really captures the fantasy thrill and adventures of Synth-Pop as the Chinese owner Mr. Wing reminding Randall about three simple rules important and necessary not to expose bight light to Mogwai which can kill it, do not get it wet and never feeding it after midnight as the creature being sold as Randall’s grandson Christmas present. 
Billy whom working at the local bank got his pet present in Kingston Falls naming him Gizmo and treat it well just like the dog Barney but one friend accidentally spill water glass on Gizmo resulting five more little gizmos coming out its back – one aggressive being called as Stripes and showing this to his former science teacher the miracles but back at home Stripes and the others tricking Billy as they manage to feed after midnight and later turning into hideous cocoon-like emerging again as a mischievous reptilian creatures that loves to torturing and destroying things in a big big mess. 
   Gremlins is a basic urban legend story which very infamous as the movie starring Zach Galligan and the cutey Phoebe Cates as the young couple witnessing their small town being savagely ravages by the terrible wicked Gremlins with Stripes jumping to the pool and spawn many destructive Gremlins army injuring people and wreak chaos with the police being rampage by them and watching snow white movie at the local theater with Kate’s dad reveals dead inside the chimney as santa claus being killed as them and Gizmo setting the place on fire killing most of the Gremlins but Stripes. Montgomery ward store would be the place where Stripes plan on spawning more troops failed with Gizmo attacking him in toy car as it being exposed to sunlight and melts as Mr. Wing arrives and collecting Gizmo back for the lack of careless concern from Billy to keep it save until he learns further wiser more about it. 


Spirit Deep (Epic Soundtrax 1995)

   Sci-fi adventure film started with laser communicating test in a remote jungle in Congo turned disaster as the rare blue diamond researcher team from TraviCom employees finding the lost city near a volcanic site as Karen Ross the assistant of the company’s CEO Travis witnessing the camp destroyed and corpses scatters as something destroying the remote camera; shut down the communication.
Another team being send back with Karen following Peter Elliot the primatologist from Barkeley planned to releasing his smart female gorilla – Amy back to the African jungle that has ability to communicates on hand signs and special equipments translator to digitalized voice added by tricky philanthropist Homolka and expert guide Captain Munro Kelly on their dangerous flight through the hostile area of civil wars as their mission to discovers something miraculously rare like the lost city of Zinj, the remains of the first team and the blue diamond mine guarded by ferocious white apes attacking and kills everything that trespassing their secret territory. 
   Jerry Goldsmith kept things on the right track for  the movie Congo as Karen and Peter struggles to survive themselves before the volcano erupts and scoring music like No Customs, Bail Out, Hippo Attack, Crash Site onto Kahega and Amy’s Nightmare shows the relations between the little smart gorilla’s painting about the eye of the jungle and her final release to meet its kind soon after everything being destroyed and most of the entire team dead from being raids by the white aggressive apes which also extincts as the volcano explodes and consuming the lost city area with hot molten lava; keeping the secrets of King Solomon's hidden kingdom and treasures vanished under the raging earth soil forever, somewhere deeper in Congo jungle ...


Campfire Psalm (Utopiulogy Productions 2012)

   East Moline, Illinois represents the courageous one man solo of white male adventure through the wilderness making his way to the correct path and camping for stabilized his actual manhood honor while the exact beats might making your eye-brow went up with the neaty rhyming and rhythmic based onto the recording genius by this rapper - It's Not The End Of The World... Wait, It Is ? attempting for - not being too silly to breaking through the inner city limits and closest neighborhood on following these anthem of the suburbia or urban clash of cultures and Errol Hem worked on trusts beyond suspicious and terror signs via Morning After Pillage, Shh Be Quite… The World Will Hear You – II. Bread  & Circuses; Friends Don’t Let Friends Drop Bombs or Why Don’t You Paint a Portrait ? It’ll Last Longer came like a nuisance brought by Paper Angel for today two multiply two didn’t meant four anymore, go slap your own face and starts to seeing the real world a different way.

It's Not The End Of The World... Wait,It Is: