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Wybie Bobinsky (Koch Records 2009)

   Coraline Jones is a young explorer within her curious, resourceful, intelligent and courageous girl whom finding her inside a creepy adventure on the other dimension of her life as her mom and dad being too busy most of the time and little inattentive while her dad keeps busy working on computers even though they’re caring about her but daily lacks of attention makes Coraline irritated only to play with her black cat but very sarcastically helpful on the other side on her mentoring the wiser thoughts to keeping her saver as the villain from another world – taller, thinner, long black hair and button eyes with extremely long twitchy fingers; long dark-nails with the other father trapping Coraline to stay there before turning into grub-like as challenge for her cannot be winning by orders of the wicked other mother because even she cannot creates but she can copy, twisting and change things from the real world to constructing them into her own dark version as Coraline must getting out escapes and stopping the other mother from taking controls her family and life completely as offering the little girl a better place to living afar from the boredom family like her parents.
   As Bruno Coulais’s (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for this children screen scoring instrumentals with contemporary nursery rhymes did the exact feelings attached between vulnerability among fun tales, creepy and suspense thrilled within Exploration, Installation, Dreaming, The Supper, Fantastic Garden, Trap for The Mices, Sirens of The Sea as well as Sprink and Forcible or Ghost Children needing help from Coraline all three of them trapped as the other mother kept their souls but being rescued to avoid their fate with the mirror game obstacles by the helpful lucky stone from Ms. Spink escaping to the real world with the key as well defeating the wicked button-eyed tall lady-spider creature as she being locked back to her scary other dimension. 

As Coraline woke up meeting her beloved parents and having her neighbors on the meet and greet garden party at home.