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W.W. Over Out (Self-Released 2015)

   Smokey Alternative Country and Folk performance from a sweet yet Grungy also funny or sad lyrics written staring the truth harder with the eyes open as painted the louder depth melodies like brown sugar effects did to your body needing something not too damn sweeter but relieving which is almost perfectly found through tracks like Dating Song, I Can Shout Louder, Don’t Kick a Girl, UFO’s in The Sky onto Six Feet of Earth pt.1 shortly in duration of her minutes recording tracks listed here via the releasing album produced/written by Noosa Al-Sarraj over You Lose Some, You Lose Some featuring ten songs of local origins of Americana independent female sounds of the south porch front sitting place within warmth and rural panorama viewing to your eyes permanently when for Winona Wilde - obesity isn’t a weakness but attraction to the audiences. 

You Lose Some, You Lose Some: