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Worry Wait (Walt Disney Records 2008)

   Animated computerized sci-fi children made by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney for 2805 for the abandoned dystopian planet – Earth with high mountain garbage and many kinds of pollutions while all the people already evacuating by mega-corporation with starliners to another planets or neighboring galaxy or just wondering a float to the vacuum infinite universe like Axiom mothership’s passengers turning obese feeble due to microgravity and reliance of automatic lifestyle as now being control by an autopilot – Auto the mean computer. Buy-N-Large corporation left behind robot cleaner like Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class) as trash compactor to clening up what’s left behind of earth as it discovers a good alive seedling as unmanned spaceship deploys the Eve probe for the scanning earth mission befriending with Wall-E but as the seed showing to her; she suddenly shut down to a stand-by mode leaving Wall-E confused. Eve than taken back to the bridge by the spaceship returns while Wall-E clinging on follows them – The starliner Axiom. Thomas Newman composing the soundtrack for the film on Thrust, First Date, 2815 A.D, Foreign Contaminant, Repair Ward or Michael Crawford’s Put on Your Sunday Clothes and Directive A-113 telling tales about Captain McCrea who looks like a giant baby unprepared for positive response collecting from earth but keep on learning the plant that place under good caring of ships’ holo-detector as verified the triggering hyperjump to the blue planet so humanity can returning back and starts living there again but Auto send its robot assistant GO-4 for stealing the plant for the preventing plan while Eve believes at first, that Wall-E causing the disappearance. Wall-E mistakenly being tortured by procedure as Eve deemed faulty as the diagnostics being held but an intervening accidents causing group of malfunction robots freed including Eve and Wall-E considered as rogue as frustrated pushing Wall-E to the escape pod; Eve being interrupted by GO-4 shown up with the stolen plant and setting a self-destruct pod but luckily, Wall-E saving the plant reconciles with Eve and celebrates dancing around Axiom. Giving the plant back to Captain McCrea but being refused by Auto to reset back to earth but secret plan A113 issuing autopilot corporation concluded that earth cannot be saved. The mutinies for detaining the captain as locking up Wall-E and Eve eventually, fought back by them – as auto trying to close the holo-detector chamber as the plant being placed in crushing Wall-E that struggles to open it as Eve inserted it to hyperjump while McCrea destroying GO-4 so the starliner heading back and arrived safely to earth.

Eve repairing and reactivates Wall-E again reunites the population to restores the environments as it begins now …