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Winning Iron (Bandcamp 2008)

   Who said J-Pop cannot be mixing with crusting Pop-Punkish and Hardcore-Pop onto Christian Rock and Classic Rock just like being approved by these Yokohama, Japan band members of IMARi ToNES with the helpful hands of Tak Yonemochi an ifamous rock producer journalist and Japanese band guitarist took this band to meet Sascha Paeth the world producer of Heavy Metal to make this group a kinds of Old-School styled Heavy Metal and Pop-Rock Christianity-based band within Jake the drummer, Hassy on bass guitar and Tone the guitarist/vocalist bring the Japanese Pop tuning album over them collections to you – all written in English lyrics and cool music in standard mid-tempo cranking Karma Flower, Speechless Speaker, Skies of Tokyo, New World, That’s Why I Love You as well as some traditional messages via Juku-Shiki leading our senses out of the sensation and into some kind of spiritual entertaining sounds delivers here.

Japanese Pop: