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What’s Going On (Psych Lake City 2016)

   Slower tunes on distorting motion buzz-type thing carried the hallucinogen excellent medium tempo and Progressive Grunge recording mixed with Heavy Rock/Psych-Pop/Alternative Garage and artistic works of the group members: Sean Whitaker (bass), Durrell Williams (guitar/vocals), Andrew Aldridge (drums) and Logan Griffith (guitars, backing vocals) as a quartet using plenty flinger-effects and literary sounded awesome solos over the tracks choruses and rhythmic as distant farther comparative of mellow meets trippy drawn-out in slow-jams to the three tracks available on the record – Prisoner of Paradise EP releasing by the band Hot Vodka.

Four minutes and fifty-six seconds opener on This Time to other choices like the soft-rockabilly tunes comes for over four minutes and twenty-five seconds related to the road for evening trip short before unpredictable accident happens to those careless drivers.

Prisoner of Paradise EP: