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Werx Waves (Acid Boys/Missing Piece 2017)

   & I’m Fine Today not really sounding like The Everly Brothers version of Alternative music on the new millennium but stories, spacing, touring, not getting royalty and vans might perhaps, giving the group consisting of Dries Vandenberg, Jenna Desmond, Marshall Hudson, Corey Campbell and Justin Osborne a good characteristic in making their Folkish-Pop contemporary chamber musical and performance via their specific roughly Latin-American culture translation as Susto – the panic attack; coming from their native Charleston, South Carolina background brought these Americana sounds and rainbow colors onto wild-life features within the tracks of lovely harmonies and more hesitating sunshine day provider as the songs like Diamond’s Icaro, Cosmic Cowboy, Havana Vieja, Gay in The South or Hard Drugs may causing you a slightly, softer damage towards the feeling for remembers the old past memory tales that hurts or making you happier once …

& I'm Fine Today: