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Werewolf Curse Puppet Contra (The Control Group 2003)

Brian Turner, Steve Bonnell, Jonah Bergman to Ryann Donnelly of Seattle, WA’s Alternative Emo-Punk-Metal group naming themselves Schoolyard Heroes seems to having the seminal influences over Art-Rock and Gothic-Pop tension as well as experimented binds between the teenage-angst and glam-harmony of commercial tunes with less credible course on making them popular much as you and the rest of the listeners can proving the truth while taking time on listening to The Funeral Sciences as the band’s debut album release.

Parts of The Misfits with female intuitions and half-baked catchy choruses but lots of rocking weirdo tracks and titles coming to the surface as the strange bonds blending in. Suitable melodic experimental solos on Punk and Rock N’ Roll to the funny odd but smartly titles on word-playing over The Mechanical Man vs. The Robot From The outer Limits, Dawn of The Dead, All-You-Can-Eat Cancer; Michael Dudakoff:  American Ninja or Bury The Tooth of The Hydra and A Skeleton Army will Arise within the mixture about Hardcore metallic to Pop-Punk ensemble enables there by Schoolyard Heroes quartet making their dark Goth-promising sounds erupting explosions through your ears.

Funeral Sciences: