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Welcome Mom Angel (Walt Disney Pictures 2005)

   Moderate amusing family action-comedy on the secret duty mission of US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Shane Wolfe whom just arrived after his failure saving on a top-secret government project agent executing by the Serbian group of rebels as the attack went fiasco but the commanding officer Captain Fawcett assigned back Shane to guarding plummer’s wife, family and the safety box in Bethesda, Maryland in search of GHOST project and assisting his five children: Zoe, Seth, Lulu, Peter and baby Tyler; difficulties to handling the little ones as well as the teenagers as the pranks/house party happened to Shane, ans goes wrongly, issues at school with vice principle Duane whom criticized and over Zoe and Seth’s poor performance as well as Lulu’s girl scout group called Fireflies being bullied by the rival boys group on selling cookies until slowly but solid – Shane did gaining their trust and corporations as the home-invasion strike by two masked ninjas shocks everyone but did stop by Shane efforts. As a terrible nazi logo were found on Seth locker and skipping wrestling practice almost a month do concerning Shane whom then realized after following Seth out through the window – going out secretly to join amateur production on The Sound of Music drama musical as being left by the director whom believed that it’s going to be a failure but Shane arrives volunteered himself to helping the drama team as well as home tasks take-care to Zoe’s driving lessons as well as teaching Fireflies scout martial art of self-defense; the marines way ! The funny awkward and family ties moments happening during the home-time before sleeping story-telling to the kids as the Peter Panda Dance show; heart to heart talks with the teenage one, wrestling against vice principle Murney in the after school challenge by Shane to protecting Seth in a easy win over the bluster silly giant Murney or the Fireflies conflicts with the boy scouts ended up the girls wiping out the boys. The Pacifier is your favorite summer movie to watch with Vin Diesel starring and John Debney lovely composing the songs scoring like School Day,Peter is Missing, The Good The Bad and The Grizzlies or Wrong CD through The Fight with Murney did reveals that The hidden entrance to the Howard’ Plummer’s secret lab under the garage while Bill whom arrived with Plummer’s wife Julia turns out to be a traitor whom planning to sell the secret project to North Korea agents – the Chun couple next door neighbor. Working together to fight the ninja agents; the children escaping via car driving fast and attracting police patrol as Shane awaken later after being hit by Bill goes down the vault with Julie; manage to passing the pass-code dance acts and stopping Bill and the Chuns from stealing the project. With the co-working and helping each other’s up altogether as well as the brave pet-duck attacking the terrorists – mission accomplished for Shane as the bad guys being arrested with him saying goodbye to The Plummers before the performance show happens with Shane as a new wrestling coach at school as he retired from Navy to get closer to the beautiful principal Claire and Murney joining Seth’s performance as a hilarious nun.