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Wasted Doctrine (Metal Blade 2016)

In their current line-up; this Chile Death/Thrash Metal group named Criminal now comprising of Zac O’Neil on drums, Dan Biggin (bass), Rodrigo Contreras the lead guitars and Anton Reisenegger on rhythm guitar and vocals believed to be releasing their newest album – still holding on carried the blast rocking extreme mid-tempo on fast trapping tracks available through Fear Itself downing the seeds of kindness society long gone forgotten as we all turned to something violent and aggressive absurd and plain touching back to our old animal-ways relationships for killing our own kin, other people based on differences or background without further argument.

Shooting the rest of the world and labeling them savage is the first key of re-evolution and destructive earth starts as fine strength vocals and sorrow beats mixed altogether via The Needle and Knife, Scream of Consciousness, The One Who Speaks at Night or Animals to Gods and False Flag Attack must be our new choices for further downward the spiral caging beast within being loosen released like doomsday hell comes down behind songs of Criminal.

Fear Itself: