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War Cry (Stoopid Records 2007)

   One More Night as well as Keep Up; onto Std followed by Down Down Down and Take a Ticket might be thus fastr tracks over some kinds of lesser-known Punk-Skateboarding anthems within these Reggae-Rock crew from Santa Cruz, California calling themselves as The Expendables comprising of Adam Patterson, Geoff Weers, Raul Bianchi and Ryan Demars as the quartet releasing the third album form their catalogs so far within the copyrighted artworks of fire and waves as shattered glass broke the intentional scientific or spiritual symbolizing front cover simplicity as their Ska, Reggae, Punk Rock and further Alternative independent sounds cracks in average but interesting as well for you to spending a good time on a beach side or waterfront hang-out with friends occasion.

Power-aging supportive spirits available within the blast of this record on your stereo loving favorite modern rocking choice of the smaller artists struggling cabinets. 

The Expendables: