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Walking Through (Twentieth Century Fox Film 2002)

   Most of the mammals animals trying to migrates to the south for escaping terrible winters is making a good comedy-action animated buddy drama along some different creatures like a loudmouth ground sloth Sid; Manny a make-sensed Wolly Mammoth and Saber-Tooth Tiger Diego finding themselves before finding a baby human whom going to attached them all on an unbreakable bond forever as family. The first installment shows how clumsy Sid’s already become by disrupting two brontops meal to ruin but before being attack by them saved by Manfred “Manny” an agitated mammoth while a pack of saber-tooth tiger planning their revenge on human settlement by trying to grab and eating the chief’s baby named Roshan on the human camp but failure as the cornered mother jumps to the waterfall – which then, Diego got the hard tasks to trace them out. 
The dying mother survived the plunge and met Manny and Sid on trusting her baby to them before died – now the two mammals with arguments and persuasions agree to turn back the baby but finding the human settlement already abandoned as they must but met Diego in the way telling them he can track the humans as the plan for returning the baby continues. 
   David Newman’s compositions for Ice Age (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) should be a finest background tunes on the adventures showing funny moments, co-working, good friendships and how the fake relation build up for something true on the team ways finding humans through Checking Out The Cave, Baby’s Wild Ride, Fighting Over The Melons (against the stupid) Dodos, Angered Rhinos to Humans/Diego ans the Opening Travel Music leads the ice tunnel chasing between the mammals and the tiger pack over the cute little baby who seems to noticing that it’s a play time for him with more friends as he giggles or when the snow balls fight turning hilarious as well as Diego awkwardly peek-a-boo-ing Roshan to cried out must be a countless funny moments and misadventure within the story of how a saber-tooth squirrel started all the troubles while chasing his beloved acorn, stomping it to the ground causing larger cracks extended for miles as sets out larger avalanche towards the earth icy crust layer. Sid and Diego also learning the past on Manny's childhood encounters the human hunter killing his parents for food but in bigger heart trying to save the little human baby by battling Soto’s pack sacrificing Diego for knocking sharp icicles and killing it as the horde runs away. 
Finding the humans and manage to sending Roshan back to his father, Sid and Manny doubled their happiness to see Diego recovers as the three of them heading to warmer place while Scrat ends up in a tropical island shore frozen while melting see a coconut as it stomps the corn to the ground - another volcano eruptions starting up ...