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Vrolijke Liedjes (Painting Time Records 2013)

   Weirdy red-haired female musician with the eyes sparkling lust for being magnificent and her talented body shaping the music making beyond your imaginable opportunity carelessly and independent to reacting a good non-commercial acts for selling to the higher prices is the plan aiming creatively wrote down by Martine De Kok and her band performing their Pop-Folk arranging ensemble of both mixing on traditional, slow-tunes, Alternative Pop-tinged and trembles within the semi “of the tracks” penetrating by music plays.
Plaatselijk Verkeer may becoming thus Pop vocals inside the non-popular soup of oldie Folk, Chamber Music onto the Classical patterns long gone forgotten since the late centuries turn to the first millennium.
   Written all of their materials in native language lyrics and titles; these Netherlands-originated unit seems to sounding sexy, mysterious and children friendly seemingly – as you might love to have Liedje, De Oude Man En De Zee, Gij Zijt Minj Lief, Madame Anna and Waarschijinlijk airing the surrounding formats of evening sky rhythmic serious hour alone – cabin fever time or rural intimate madness calls whispering towards strange romantic lovers …

Plaatselijk Verkeer: