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Vals Deep Forest (Edition Milan Music 2006)

   Summer of fourty-four in Spain took place on this fantasy dark drama named El Laberinto del Fauno or Pan’s Labyrinth movie story background the five years after the civil war of Francoist era with Falangist Captain (and stepfather) Vidal hunting for Spanish Marquis rebel/followers narrating the life of little girl – Ofelia guarding her pregnant mother getting increasingly ill – Carmen in bed of their house accidently, leads her to meet several strange magical creatures as the doorway to the parable universe influenced by fairy tales capturing your attention following this particular great movie within the affections from roman mythology or greek deity – Pan confusing Ofelia lives at first only to testing her courage and trusts over him for helping the time in needs as numerous international awards acclaimed to win by Pan’s Labyrinth as the tales goes on continues as a large stick insect taking Ofelia into a stone ancient labyrinth being surveillance as well by Mercedes and Pedro supporters of the rebels working on Vidal’s house as well.
As the Faun creature given Ofelia her first task retrieving key from the giant toad’s belly as a mandrake root living to easy Carmen’s illness under her bed being placed by the faun as the second task leads Ofelia to entering a scary underground cave where she needs to retrieving a dagger from pale creature without eyes as a child-eating monster as she mistakenly, consuming grapes on the dinner table awakening the ferocious pale humanoid chasing her even she almost fails to escaping. Stepfather and captain Vidal torturing captive rebel then realizing rebel collaborators around him as well caught Ofelia tending the mandrake root and throws it to fire sending Ofelia in panic and Carmen dies in agony painful contractions for giving birth to a baby son. As Ofelia being locked, Mercedes also captured as a spy, being tortured but escaping by stabbing Vidal – rejoins her rebel army. 
   The faun returns to tell Ofelia to bring her baby brother to the labyrinth; as Vidal on the chase on her the faun needs to opening dimensional portal to the underworld using innocent blood off her brother. Pan’s Labyrinth scoring musical composed by Javier Navarrete within its twenty-one songs did marvelously a great accompanying musical instrumentals over the movie by reacting closely rooted within every scenes showing as feelings of the audience might mixture in various within Rose Dragon, The Fairy & The Labyrinth, Three Trails, The Moribund Tree & The Toad; A Book of Blood, Guerrilleros, Not Human onto The Refuge – endings the cruelty Vidal moves after fatally shoot Ofelia while talking to invisible creature inside but later surrounded by rebels and killed by Pedro as Mercedes helping the wounded Ofelia to the altar inside the labyrinth as the drops of her blood spiraling centered opening the golden throne room as the faun pronounced her as the queen of the underworld - ruling it as Princess Moana with her mother and real father as she dies but then rules wisely as only being visible to those who know where to look in the human realm.