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Valerie Marry (Twentieth Century Fox Film 2010)

   American television hits of the musical drama-comedy from Fox Network based on the club focusing on disparate members with various social issues like teamwork, social relationship, race to regarding sexuality to these special characters on the fictitious William McKinley High School from the spanish teacher Will Schuester, guidance counselors, cheerleading coach to the infamous members from Rachel, Finn, Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, Puck and Quinn with the additional of Santana and Britanny did their best to not just wasting time over living in sin or goodness but through the in-between of it the talents for singing accapela together as the casts getting know each other from being a stranger first to the season four series and episodes through Glee: The Music, Volume 4 covering several great new sounds towards some of thus radio and television to the top-pop chart hits tracks of the famous artists/singers/musicians such as the sexy beatable Stronger, Me Against The Music or Toxic from the starry back of Britney Spears with Madonna or Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z and Alicia Keys), Teenage Dream features Darren Criss projecting the different non-casual sex-oriented for young boys or One Love to beautifully romantic The Only Exception by Paramore as well as The Beatles’ classics on I Want To Hold Your Hand and many more juicy and groovy tracks to listening over like the “must-have” for  the fan of this drama-musical television series and overall of music (such) addictive materials that won’t be easily to ignored here.