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Underwater Appetite (Warner Bros. 2002)

   Being tricked by the luring story of large amount of legendary gold boxes carried by SS Antonia Graza for over forty years later force the greed and excitement interest towards Captain Sean Murphy, Maureen Epps, Greer, Dodge, Munder and Santos cancelled their recent success party drinking in a bar as Jack Ferriman (Canadian weather service pilot) told them that he spotted the vessel adrift the Bering Sea as whoever got there first and the gold can claimed it on an international waters; going quickly with their salvage tugboat Arctic Warrior with several preparation made but when they’re finally docking the giant shipwreck floating like Ghost Ship the unfortunate events starting to in a tugboat explosion killing Santos but the rest survives and aboard the scary giant ship later recognizable as Antonia Graza. More horrific events and sightings of flashback visions and story-telling happens to the crew on board; like the haunted captain appears to Sean Murphy holding the proof about the real explanation that a cruise ship Lorelei was the one that carried the gold but as it sunk slowly – Antonia Graza rushes come to help the sole survivors as well as the boxes of gold aboard but unluckily, a mutiny massacre erupts because of the gold curse distractions as the crew members being slaughtered by gun-armed men led by a mysterious figure commanding them to not letting any survivors left including the sexy singer Francesca which also one of them and the rest of the gun-arming crew also being shot down and impaled – turning them into a restless ghosts wanted to kill everyone who boarding the ship later. The mischievous lead figure actually is Jack whom turns out to be a demonic one collecting human souls for his everlasting youth as well luring more into the Ghost Ship traps as one by one of Epps friends died in vain and terrible conditions, from Greer fell down the height to the drowning Captain Murphy, dreadful shredded Munder or ghost chanting to can-food with maggots but also there’s hope of help from one of the kind ghost of a little girl whom also died from the terrible massacre with Epps trying to stop Jack and blowing up the Ghost Ship to pieces with C-4 explosions. John Frizzell composing the song-tracks for this horror movie via The Discovery, Welcome Aboard, The Bodies and Katie Appears or My Little Box carries the evidence and information to the audience entirely whole The Ballroom Reverts or the ascending souls of those decent people who died as the ship explodes but after Epps being saved back to port she saw the glimpse of Jack with his crew boarding a cruise ship again.