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Undented Discovery (Varese Sarabande 1989)

   Behind the story of a haunted living vehicle made on Detroit, Michigan Chrysler corporation assembly plant where a worker’s hand being slammed down by the hood is the beginning of this demonic Plymouth Fury in red paintings urban tales continues twenty one years later with an awkward non-popular teenage boy named Arnie Cunningham buying a used badly battered 1958 Plymouth Fury in Rockbridge, CA as his life suddenly, changes after fixing the extensive needed repairmen sports car that called as Christine by him. Restoring Christine at Darnell’s autobody local shop and junkyard along with his entire time working on the car as he began to dressing up like a greaser develops his arrogant personality as his (only) best friend Dennis being slowly investigates the dark past of that car stories as the obsessive previous owner and wife both died inside and their daughter choked to death as well inside Christine – the title for this Stephen King written novel as being directed by John Carpenter as well in association with Alan Howarth scoring the original motion picture soundtrack together by their speciality for ambient thrilling horror tales musical on abstract, Synth-Pop and minimalist electronic also the classics radio station playing hits over the scenes through Robert and Johnny, George Throgood and The Destroyers, Buddy Holly or ABBA along the instrumental tracks such as Arnie’s Love Theme, The Rape, Football Run/Kill Your Kids, Talk on The Couch, Regeneration, Moochie’s Death to Junkins as the story of Arnie got a new girlfriend – Leigh Cabot whom so leaving Christine (the car) being jealous on her almost making her choked on burger while on a date with Arnie inside it. Bully Buddy Repperton and gang vandalized the red car after a shop class confrontation expulsion as Arnie devastated not determine to fixing his beloved car as then after hearing the cracks of metal noticing the engine fully restored by itself or supernatural power; Arnie tells the car to show him the rest as Christine repairing flips on the lights quickly and restored as good showroom quality it is as it driving outside seeking revenge form the vandals. Christine targeting Moochie as he being crushed death in an alley; Darnell died on being crushed between the seats and steering wheel on a garage as rumor begin to spreads out making policeman Rudolph suspicious to Arnie and his car. New years eve as the plan to stop Christine and helps Arnie being held by Dennis and Leigh with a bulldozer towards the new place called Christine’s Hood as they’re luring and trap the demon car charging to attack Leigh after a while of waiting patiently, hitting the office as crashed kills Arnie whom being thrown out and impaled through shard glasses as Dennis and Leigh engages to fight the car with their bulldozer smashing Christine driven back and forth run-over the damn car as the radio which blaring rock n’ roll song finally stops to shredded but regenerates again … 

The couple leaving the place behind as the remains of the car started to grille piece by piece as its radio turns on playing mocking song.